Wizard makin’ magic with his furever family

Jun 16, 2022 | Success Stories

Wizard (formerly Ennis) was surrendered to the Greyhound Rescue kennels in July 2021. Almost a year on, Wizard is safe, happy and loved by his forever family.

“This is his home, the couch is his couch, the balcony is his balcony. Besides being scared of the super scary curtains in our bedroom, he’s had no issues settling into our home,” says pawrents Aleks and Liv.

Aleks hilariously describes Wizard as “very even tempered with the ability to exercise both extreme levels of sass and excitement”.

“His favourite things to do are sleep and go on adventures with his greyhound girlfriend and their dog walker”, says Aleks.

Wizard is the king of stealth. “Early on, he picked up a neighbour’s little dog toy without us noticing, brought it inside and named it his child. He also once stealthily ate another dog’s poop during a walk and got gastro!”

Unfortunately, six months after his adoption, poor Wizard was bitten by another dog on a walk.

“He was in a lot of pain but luckily the injury healed up well. During that time I feel we gained a lot of trust in taking care of him, and he’s been more affectionate,” says Aleks.

“Adopting Wizard was hard in the beginning, but very rewarding. Rescued greyhounds can be overwhelmed by the world for a while, but with training and love they will adjust well.

“I highly recommend asking anyone and everyone for their stories, you’re not alone. Definitely ask the adoption agency for as much advice as you can, they’re super willing to help!”

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