Greyhound Rescue finds the perfect home for timid Frida

May 11, 2022 | Success Stories

Frida is a very special hound. When she arrived at Greysland she was extremely afraid and could only be handled by a select few. We knew we needed to find an extra special home for her.

Enter Helen-May and her mum.

“When Frida first arrived at our home, it took her almost an hour before she would even come into the house. She was very timid until she knew she could trust my mum and me,” said Helen-May.

“Nowadays, she’s very comfortable and happy being with us. She brings a lot of laughter into our home because she is cheeky and she loves to play.”

Frida is intelligent and a quick learner. “If she doesn’t pick something up, its because she doesn’t want to,” laughs Helen-May.

“When we were teaching Frida to stay out of the kitchen, we would reward her with a treat when she stepped back into the family room area. Frida realised very quickly that leaving the kitchen equalled getting a treat. So … she would purposefully go into the kitchen, walk back out and wait for her treat! Of course, we had to reward her for such ingenuity!”

Helen-May says adopting a greyhound has bought her and her mum such joy.

“They are so different from other dogs I’ve met – a little goofy, chilled out, intelligent, regal and such fun to be around.”

“The Greyhound Rescue team take a lot of care to ensure they find a home that is a good fit for both the greyhound and the adopting family. They want to ensure the adoption is a success so they do a thorough assessment and provide you with a lot of support – both in the lead up to and after the adoption.

“Greyhound Rescue team dedicate their lives to the welfare of the greyhounds in their care, so when they match you with a hound you know they think you’re the best person to provide a home for that greyhound.

“There’s something special about greyhounds – they just capture your heart.”

Is there a hound-shaped hole in your life? Find out more about our adoption process here.

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