Goofy Gunter makes his mum laugh every single day

Nov 1, 2021 | Success Stories

Gunter was well-loved at the Greyhound Rescue kennels with his handsome face and hilarious, goofy antics leaving us in stitches on a daily basis. 

“I thought about changing Gunter’s name when I first bought him home, but it just suits his hilarious and goofy personality so much that I just couldn’t bring myself to do it!” said Gunter’s new mum, Marion.

“Gunter (affectionally known as ‘Gunty’) sprawls about like he owns the place (which he does) and sleeps at least once in every room throughout the day. He loves his to toys and uses his cushion like a proper pillow. 

“He loves being tucked in under his blankie and if you’re not paying attention, he is VERY quick to lean in and give you a big kiss across the face!” 

Marion says Gunter is super cuddly and makes every day so much brighter.

“He jumps for joy like a lamb whenever I come home or when he sees me in the mornings, and he’s always making me laugh. 

“To wake me up in the mornings, he stands by the bed, burrows his head under the cover and then … just stands like that …?

“He loves his 3pm zoomies and usually races around with a miniature dinosaur that he cleverly throws up into the air and catches whilst he’s sprinting about. 

“The day that dinosaur needed a wash was a very sad day indeed – Gunter watched in horror as I pegged it up on the line to dry. He just stood there and stared at it for a very long time!”

Marion would 100% recommend adopting a greyhound. 

“Their personality is something you couldn’t get from many other breeds. The cheekiness and the way they are able to communicate with you with their eyes; and the ability they have to make you laugh every single day. 

“You’ll never lack entertainment in your life while you have a hound around! 

“Greyhound Rescue are the best match-making company around! They show a tremendous amount of love and care for their hounds to help them find the best home. 

“Thank you, Greyhound Rescue for bringing Gunter into my life!”

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