Basil “the bestest boy”

Sep 13, 2021 | Success Stories

With his adorable little white schnoz, we knew Basil (FKA Shortie) would find a loving home quick-smart when he arrived at the Greyhound Rescue kennels in November 2020. After four short weeks, Basil and his wriggly bottom met Penny and her partner, and together they headed off into their furever! 

“Basil is a sweet, gentle and incredibly chilled boy. He loves people and asks everyone he meets to scratch his butt,” said Penny. 

Like many greyhounds who have come from the racing industry, it has taken time and effort for Basil to understand and interact safely with small dogs.

“He loves going on walks and playing with his greyhound friends! We were initially told that Basil struggled with small dogs, but with work we have moved on from him fixating on other dogs to processing and ignoring most dogs on walks. 

“He now plays nicely with other small dogs and even let’s puppies be naughty and lick his face – he’s grown up so much!

If you’re thinking of adopting a greyhound, Penny has three words for you: “JUST DO IT!”

“Greyhound Rescue puts so much work into prepping their hounds for pet life and ensure they match the right hound to your lifestyle. Basil complements our lifestyle so well it can’t be coincidence!

“He’s the bestest boy and the perfect addition to our family. He’s added so much joy and purpose to our days.”

How’s that for an endorsement?! Check out our adoption process here. If it’s not the right time, you can still help us find loving homes for hounds by becoming a ‘Help a Hound’ supporter. Find out more here.

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