Darling Daisy a massage connoisseur

Apr 21, 2021 | Success Stories

Eat. Sleep. Receive ear massages. Repeat! That’s Daisy’s (formerly Zindzi) mantra according to her fur-ever family, who are about to celebrate their one-year adoption anniversary!

“Daisy’s favourite thing to do is receive chest and ear massages, either lying on her bed or standing still as a statue as the lucky masseuse works their magic!” said Ashley.

“She also enjoys dipping her feet in the water at the beach and riding in the car. When she thinks she’s going to get a car ride, she makes a beeline for the boot and stands there wagging her tail!

Ashley says Daisy fitted in with her new family immediately. “I think she wasn’t sure of us at first but it didn’t take her long to warm up. We gave her her own space (and adored her from afar!) until she was ready.

“These days, she enjoys being around her people and will lie on her bed or on the floor where people are, by our desk when someone is working from home, or even by her noisy brothers while they play Xbox!

“She’s very curious about people, but she’s not a huge fan of other dogs. She prefers to give a wide berth to four-legged friends when out on walks, which is fine with us.

“She has shown a bit more interest in whippets and greyhounds though, and we’re looking forward to meeting up with her two sisters who were also rescued and adopted through Greyhound Rescue in March 2020.

Apparently, Daisy takes relaxed to a whole new level. “One day we were out and realised we’d left a cooler bag of food on the kitchen floor and asked a neighbour to pop over. He told us afterward that Daisy is the worst guard dog he’d ever seen. When he entered our house, she walked over to see who it was and then casually went back to bed!

When asked what they would you say to someone thinking about adopting a greyhound, Ashley said “Do it, it’s the best thing you’ll ever do!”

“They are gentle, beautiful creatures and much lower maintenance than other breeds. My mother in the US is on her 6th rescued greyhound, and we’re on our 2nd.

“New owners are surprised at how little exercise they need and how much time they spend sleeping. A friend who recently got a puppy said she wished she’d adopted a greyhound after seeing how calm and easy-going Daisy is with people and on walks.

“I’ve previously volunteered with Greyhound Rescue and saw how well they look after the hounds, and how seriously they take the adoption process to ensure each hound has a home that’s a great fit for it and the new family. Some other rescue groups aren’t as thorough in their vetting of potential new owners, which means you may get a hound quicker, but it may not be the right one for you.

“I was also impressed that our coordinator kept in touch with us while we were on the waitlist and followed up afterwards answering any questions and providing support as we needed.”

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