Millie a chilled, well-behaved poster-girl for greyhounds!

Apr 17, 2021 | Success Stories

Millie (formerly known as Melanie) has clocked up 8 months in her new home, after being adopted by Allison in August last year.

For many hounds, the transition to pet life is a big adjustment and it can take them time to settle in and really start to enjoy their wonderful new life. Allison says this was the case with Mille.

“When she first arrived at her new home, Millie was curious, but a little stand-offish. I remember that she didn’t seem to mind if I came or went, and she definitely needed her own space in the beginning,” said Allison.

“Since then she has slowly but surely been coming out of her shell.

“She wags her tail and jumps around when I come home, she loves ear scratches, bananas, getting food from her wobble Kong and destroying toys.

“She’s also started to want to play more and has shown some interest in chasing balls and tug of war. 

Millie has learned to love the car (as soon as the door opens, she climbs in, even if it’s the driver’s seat!) and has started to “roach” – the universal symbol for a happy and relaxed greyhound!

There have been some awkward moments for Millie adjusting to the wide world, like jumping into a pool in the middle of winter – in the rain – at night! Or trying to go down the stairs on her front paws, almost tumbling over, but she is learning!

“She’s learned lots of commands, like ‘wait’, ‘touch’, ‘come’ and ‘stay’,” said Allison.

“She’s become so much more comfortable around people and likes to approach strangers of the street to ask for pats!

“I’ve tried to convince several people to get a greyhound. If they’re anything like Millie, they are so chilled, well behaved and gentle. I wouldn’t want to trade her for anything,” said Allison.

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