Moving house!

Feb 12, 2021 | Greyhound care, Lifestyle

Some helpful hints for your hound on moving day!

Moving house? Here are our top tips to help your hound on moving day and to settle into your new home.

Before the big move
Make sure that you have approvals in place to keep your hound in your new home. Need a hound resume? We’ve got you covered! Click here to download a fillable pdf to help you with applying for new rentals or getting strata approvals. Take some time to identify a local vet that has greyhound experience, and find out if there are any local council rules that you need to be aware of. If you’re moving to an apartment, go for a walk around the area to identify the best spots to take your grey for a quick toilet break.

Pack for your pupper
Pack a box of things that are essential for your hound such as water and food bowls, a couple of pre-portioned meals, some treats, a favourite toy and blankie, some poop bags and a spare leash. A Lickimat and some peanut butter are also a great idea to have in your kit. Put this box of items on the front seat of your car so that you have it immediately to hand when you arrive at your new home.

Safe and sound
Before you move in, check the house and yard for any hazards that could harm your hound. Physically check the fence and gates to ensure that all panels are secure and there are no holes that could lead to escape. Identify secure places in the home that you will keep chemicals and other substances that could be dangerous for your doggo so that when you move in your can put them straight away and not lying around for curious pups to explore. Decide where you hound’s safe spot will be and tell other family members.

A familiar spot
When you arrive at your new home, immediately put your hound’s bed where it will go. Preferably, do this before your hound enters the space, as seeing their cozy and familiar bed will make them feel more at ease. You may need to restrict access to certain areas of the home at first, so be prepared with baby gates at the ready. If possible, bring your hound into the home once the hustle and bustle of removalists coming and going and stress has passed. Consider having a friend look after them for the day so they get to skip out on the most stressful parts.

Toilet time
When your hound arrives at the new digs, take them immediately to the spot where you want them to toilet and wait until they go. Occasionally even a well-trained houndy may experience a toileting regression in a new home, sometimes due to stress, being a bit disoriented, or not knowing where they are supposed to toilet. Remember to take them out frequently until they get the hang of the new home and their new routine.

Settling in
Give your hound a chance to explore their new home and to get comfortable. If your hound is on the anxious side, you may consider using an adaptil collar during the transition, and refraining from walking them until they are comfortable in their new home. Make sure that your greyhound always has a safe and comfortable place where they can retreat and not be disturbed. Take it slow when exploring the new neighbourhood, and try to keep their routine as similar as possible. Remember that the new house and neighbourhood may be full of unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells and to take is slow.

Remember that moving can be a stressful time for everyone including your hound, who will also pick up on your stress levels. Being as prepared as possible will be your best shot for a smooth transition and a quick settle in. Check out some ideas about how to get your hound used to being alone here.

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