Amara’s forever family ‘utterly in love’

Feb 2, 2021 | Success Stories

Tiny Amara blew in and out of the Greyhound Rescue kennels like a whirlwind. Arriving on the 3rd of June 2020 and departing two days later into the loving arms of Helen and her family. We love a quick turnaround!

Helen says Amara is ‘wonderful’.

“She loves her mad zoomies at the park every day, but we’ve trained her to come back to us – there isn’t much she won’t do for a cheese cube!”

“She can be away across an entire football field but will come flying back in a flash to get her cube of cheese.

“She is a wonderful thing to see in full flight and loves to run and run.

“At home, she’s officially taken over the couch and has a second bed in our bedroom.

“She was absolutely hilarious on Christmas morning last year. With all the activity of giving and opening presents, there was Amara – right in the thick of it – upside down on the couch!

“We all are all utterly in love with her. She is such a happy girl and so much fun.”

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