Gabriel well-and-truly risen to his new life in Bathurst

Jan 22, 2021 | Success Stories

When Gabriel first arrived at the Greyhound Rescue kennels, he was very timid. The GR volunteers worked gently and softly to help him realise he was safe and could come out of his shell.

The softly-softly approach worked wonders, and it didn’t take long for Gabe to become a certified heart-stealer – first with the volunteers who tripped over themselves to be the one to take him for a walk, and then with Alissa and Brady, his now-forever pawrents.

“Gabriel/Gabe/Gabey/Gabey Baby makes it obvious that he loves us as his new mum and dad. Every time we walk through the door from work, he’s so happy to see us – it’s very heart-warming to come home to,” said Alissa.

“He’s such a huge, gentle, loving, boy. He’s still very curious about a lot of things in his new life – especially empty boxes (he swears there must be treats hidden in them) and anything that’s going on in the kitchen!

Gabe patiently waiting for Mum to restuff his toys

Like so many of his speed-noodle brothers and sisters, Gabriel is a total couch potato.

“He’s slowly turning into a bed hog too! So much for “no dogs on the bed” rule!

“Besides sleeping, a couple of his favourite things to do are:

  • Waiting until I’ve restuffed the stuffing he’s pulled out of his toys, and then proceeding to pull it out all over again;
  • Go for walkies! He chatters so much as soon as he realises its walk time; and
  • Watching us eat (in the vain hope that him staring at us will make us share our food!)”

“Gabe is the perfect fit for our family. He introduced us to greyhounds as an amazing breed. He’s the most wonderful companion and has really set the bar high for any other hounds we plan on getting!

“To anyone thinking of adopting a grey – please, please do it! I would never recommend it if it wasn’t the best decision we have ever made.

“They are such quirky, brilliant and loving animals that will complete your life like he did ours.

“Greyhound Rescue help you through the whole process. They make sure you are aware of some different quirks the breed has, ensure your home is well suited and safe, and best of all, they match you with hounds that are likely to suit you and your lifestyle.

“We are grateful for the team at Greyhound Rescue for completing our family and allowing us to give this beautiful boy the most perfect life.

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