Happy Hennie queen of the coop!

Dec 30, 2020 | Success Stories

Hennie (formerly Taco) arrived at the Greyhound Rescue kennels in April 2020. With a touch of salt around her nose, we initially thought of her as a regal older lady. Boy, did she prove us wrong! Full of beans, and always down for a play, Hennie has found her dream home by the beach with her new pack – Elisabeth, David, Isobel and Georgina.

Here’s a heart-warming update from Elisabeth:

“Henrietta (Hennie for short) is a sweet and gentle girl of 5. Elegant and sleek, with a very long tail, her black, shiny coat has just a touch of salt and pepper.

She was nervous and very timid when we picked her up from the shelter and refused to get out of the car when we arrived home – not even for chicken! We had to lift her out and bring her into the house. We followed the advice of our lovely Greyhound Rescue adoption coordinator, Flora, and within a few days, Hennie was a completely different dog. Her body language changed, her appetite returned, and she chose to interact with us.

We knew she felt part of the family when on about the fourth night, she came up to us one-by-one as we sat watching TV, found some space on the couch and climbed up to sit with us. Such a happy moment!

Six months later, Hennie is a well-entrenched much-loved member of our family. We cannot imagine life without her. She has bought all of us much joy, happiness, and laughter. She is affectionate, loving, and playful and has absolutely ‘adopted’ us!

She is curious and loves to explore the garden, sleep in the sun, sleep in the shade, sleep on the couch and play with her favourite toys. Her absolute favourite pastime is eating chicken, followed closely by cheese and peanut butter (as a special treat). Her next favourite thing to do is ‘zoomies’ in Grandma’s enormous garden. She really enjoys her walks and loves being by the water, so the beach is another favourite destination.

To anyone thinking of adopting a greyhound – do! They are the most beautiful dogs.

Greyhound Rescue were so professional, helpful, and caring. The process of adopting was well explained and thorough. Having our adoption coordinator on hand was such a great help to us in the first few weeks of our adoption when I had lots of questions. Her experience was so helpful in those early days when everyone was getting to know each other.

I still marvel at their skill in finding us Hennie. It is as if it was always meant to be. We are so very grateful for Hennie and the joy she brings us every single day.

Thank you, Greyhound Rescue!

Elisabeth, David, Isobel & Georgina”

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