A year in the life: Sweet Sadie learning to love

Dec 27, 2020 | Success Stories

Sadie (formerly Cinnamon) was a favourite at the Greyhound Rescue kennels. With her doe-eyes and toothy grin, she found a special place in the hearts of many a GR volunteer.

But Sadie found her TRUE special place in December 2019, when Amanda and her partner Ben arrived at the Greyhound Rescue kennels for their ‘Meet and Greet’.

Amanda says she can’t believe how quickly a year with Sadie has come around.

“I honestly can’t imagine what life was like before Sadie,” said Amanda.

 “She’s grown and progressed so much in the last 12 months. The biggest change I’ve seen is her confidence and affection towards Ben and myself.

At first, Sadie was very timid and struggled with the stairs in her new home, but with patience (and lots of treats), Sadie has mastered the stairs and has well and truly come out of her shell.

“These days, she walks happily up and down stairs, hangs out with her fur cousins and is a total beach babe,” said Amanda.

“Some things that make her the happiest are post-poop zoomies, cuddling up to her humans on the couch, eating cubes of cheese and pats from strangers.

“Sadie’s superpower is that she can magically appear in the kitchen as soon as she hears a packet rustling- even if she’s mid nap!

Amanda and Ben have recently moved to the Inner West where lucky Sadie now has a backyard!

“She now has room for two minutes of zoomies before she happily settles down for a snooze on the grass,” said Amanda.

“For anyone thinking of adopting a greyhound, you go into it thinking you’re helping the hound to have a better life – but in actual fact, Sadie has added so much adventure and love to our lives.

“Greyhound Rescue do such a fantastic job! They were able to match the perfect hound to our lifestyle.

“We will furever recommend adopting from Greyhound Rescue.”

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