“I thought I was rescuing Georgie Girl but, in fact, I think she is rescuing me.”

Oct 21, 2020 | Success Stories

Georgie Girl (formerly known as Karla) came to us at the Greyhound Rescue kennels in January 2020. A stunning white and brindle girl, with a big personality and even bigger heart, she won over every member of the volunteer crew in approximately 3.5 seconds.

But when Georgie Girl’s new mum arrived for her meet and greet on Valentines Day, we knew she had met the love of her life.

Georgie Girl has settled into her new life very nicely indeed.

“She is such a joy to have. She has a smiley face and a tail that never stops wagging. My friend commented the other day ‘She sure makes you feel loved’ and it is true,” said her mum.

“She loves to go into town and spend time being patted and admired at all the cafes. She’s also a fiend for food, kong toys full of treats, peanut butter lickey mats, her fluffy toys and big zoomies around our acre block.”

Georgie Girl is such a happy, loving thing that the list of things she ‘loves’ goes on and on and on! Car rides, her bed(s), kids, adults, other dogs. She loves everyone and everything … except the ocean!

“Georgie Girl loves a walk on the beach, but she keeps her distance from those pesky waves that keep coming her way when she turns her head!”

As the coronavirus lockdown’s have lifted, Georgie Girl’s mum has had to return to work 4 days per week.  

“I have arranged for a lovely local dog walker to pick her up for “playdates”.  Twice a week for two hours Jenny picks her up, takes her to her home around the corner and she plays with her mates (i.e. other playdate recipients) until everyone is exhausted.” 

“I know the days when she has been to Jenny’s as she can’t wait to get to bed after dinner, she is so exhausted!”

Sadly, in the last few months, Georgie Girl’s mum has been impacted by personal tragedy, but she says Georgie Girl has been there for her every single day.

“I thought I was rescuing Georgie Girl, but in fact I think she is rescuing me.”

“Do not worry about George Girl. She is loved, cared for, and has a home for life with me.”

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