Ringo the star of the ‘Success Story’ show

Aug 28, 2020 | Success Stories

Ringo was a long-term resident at the Greyhound Rescue kennels. We knew this 6-year-old brindle boy as ‘Crixus’, and he lived with us for almost 12 months before he met John.

Read on for John’s sweet words on what the last 6 months with Ringo have been like:

“Ringo came to me just after my first greyhound Archie passed away. I’d had dogs before Archie, but not for a long while and Archie was there for me through some tough times. He was only with me for nine or so months before he passed away and I was completely lost.

The beautiful people at Greyhound Rescue heard about Archie and after some consultation, Ringo arrived.

He was very timid at first and would not make eye contact. He would lay away from people. He was reluctant to walk and was quite flighty. Within a couple of weeks, I started noting changes. Wanting affection, responding to walking prompts, eye contact. 

To this day, his trust and affection grows exponentially. He loves my 5-year-old and shows immense patience with him, even when my 5-year-old wants to ‘look inside his mouth’ and ‘check his teeth’. 

About a month ago, Ringo started wagging his tail and shows us his ‘happy face’. 

He has grown incredibly confident and very affectionate. He even vocalises for food when I cook. 

He zooms, he spins, chases and sleeps….

I think for Ringo, he needed to trust and feel loved. That wasn’t a hurdle as we were ready for him.

He looks forward to our long hikes and looks proudly over his patch. 

He loves to jog with me and is always within a metre of me. He waits at the door when I shower, he waits at the door till I return from work. 

He is our everything.”

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