Anubis’ perfect ‘afterlife’ in Campbelltown with Hannah and Brad

Aug 15, 2020 | Success Stories

Anubis (formerly Bolt) was a long-term resident at our Greyhound Rescue kennels and all of our volunteers fell in love with this tall, dark and handsome hound. Hannah and Brad met Anubis in July last year and followed suit – falling head over heels for him (and his radar ears!) almost immediately.

“Anubis is a calm and lovable hound. He has been the perfect addition to our family – it’s like he’s always been here.

“He’s generally quite relaxed and quiet, that is until its play time! He loves balls – the bigger the better – and often carries them to the lounge with him for naps,” said Hannah.

“’Chasing things’ is at the top of the list of Anubis’ favourite things to do. Balls, cockatoos, crows, mum and dad – anything will do!

“He’s a constant source of amusement for us, our friends and our families. He regularly entertains my work colleagues by demonstrating his excellent roaching skills in the background of my conference calls.

“During a recent online workshop, I stepped away for a coffee break and returned to see that Anubis had stolen my spot on the lounge in front of the webcam, and that my boss, colleagues and an external auditor were all having a great conversation with him in my absence! 

“Anubis was quite dog-reactive when we first brought him home and could be a bit of a handful on walks, but with time and patience we can now go anywhere and comfortably meet other dogs when we’re out and about.

“Adopting a greyhound is a great option if you’re looking to open your home to a dog. Rescue greyhounds make wonderful pets and it’s so rewarding seeing them come out of their shell and giving them a new life. 

“Anubis has been such a great fit to our lives, we decided to adopt a second hound this year. He now has a little sister called Freya and they get along like a house on fire!”

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