Maggie learning how to ‘dog’ with a little help from Milhouse

Aug 8, 2020 | Success Stories

Maggie was adopted by Emma and her partner in June 2019 after five months in foster care with our Kennel Manager Lauren to help her adjust to her new life.

“Maggie’s kennel name was Minnie. However, her whippet brother’s name is Milhouse and we often call him Millie for short, which we felt was a bit too similar!” said Emma.

“We decided to keep The Simpsons theme going and settled on ‘Maggie’.

“She’s such a sweet, goofy, snuggly and inquisitive girl. She makes us laugh everyday with her antics.

“When she first joined the family, its fair to say her table manners weren’t too crash hot! A seemingly innocent sniff at my dinner plate quickly turned into a sneaky snatch of a sausage roll. She proceeded to throw it up in the air and catch it in her mouth, scoffing it down in less than three seconds.

“It was so funny, we couldn’t even be angry at her! She’s since become MUCH more polite with food!

Emma says that while there was initially some sibling rivalry between Milhouse and Maggie during the initial adjustment period, the two dogs soon worked out their dynamic and these days you can even catch them snuggling together.

“Overall, she’s fitted seamlessly into our family and now we can’t imagine our lives without her.

“Watching Maggie learn how to “dog” over the past year has warmed our hearts like nothing else. Seeing her play with her toys, race around the backyard with her brother and jump for joy when she realises she’s going for a walk makes us so happy.

“It’s so heart-warming to see her enjoy these simple pleasures that all dogs deserve.

“Besides napping, Maggie loves nothing more than rolling in the grass on a sunny day. She also lives for a good car ride with her head out the window, taking in the world.

“We tell everyone we know to consider adopting a greyhound! They’re such lovely natured, lazy, loving dogs and adopting from Greyhound Rescue was an amazing experience.

“The initial questionnaire they ask to ensure that you are matched to a dog that suits your situation and vice versa is great! They offer ongoing support once you take your new hound home and check in even months after your adoption is finalised. They genuinely care so much about their dogs that they are rehoming and as a new owner you never feel alone.

“Thank you to everyone at Greyhound Rescue that saved, rehabilitated, and loved our girl before she entered our lives. She had a rough start to life and we promised her nothing but the best life with us. Thank you so much, we couldn’t imagine our life without our goofy Maggie.️

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