Barney makes no bones about bathing in the car wash bay!

Jul 15, 2020 | Success Stories

Barney may have lucked out in the pawrent’s department with Bronte and Glenn, but we dare say he’s not too pleased about his current bathing situation!

“Due to his size, we can’t fit with him in the shower to wash him. That means he has to get washed in the unit’s car wash bay! Don’t worry – the water is heated and it certainly makes for a funny display for the neighbours,” said Bronte.

Lucky for Barney, he doesn’t need baths too often as greyhounds are, for the most part, wonderfully fragrance-free! But according to Bronte, his lack-of-odour doesn’t even make the list of “Top 10 Best Things About Barney”.

“We’ve been so lucky to adopt him. He’s the sweetest, most gentle dog we’ve ever known. He is incredibly lazy and goofy, very polite to all dogs and loves asking for pats from strangers.”

Barney also loves nicking things that don’t belong to him – he’s a total hoarder – and a game of fetch is next-level (even if he’s still working on returning the ball every time).

“He’s had a pretty smooth transition from kennel to couch. We live in a one-bedroom unit, and despite Barney’s size, he’s the perfect pet for our small space. He’s a real couch potato and spends most days stretched out on the lounge, watching me study.”

“He so quiet, one of our neighbours didn’t even realise we had a dog until they saw us walking him one day.”

“Greyhounds are an awesome breed and could definitely be suitable for most people’s lifestyles. Knowing that you changed a dog’s life to such a degree is an amazing feeling and it is obvious that they appreciate everything you do.”

“I can honestly say rescuing Barney was one of the best decisions of my life.”

“I liked that Greyhound Rescue asked about our situation and gave matched us with a dog that suited our lifestyle. Their dogs are clearly well-loved, and we were offered so much support and advice to help Barney settle into his new life with us.”

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