A home run for Gracie the greyhound

Jul 11, 2020 | Success Stories

Gracie is a special little lady who came to Greyhound Rescue with a broken leg. After surgery, Gracie set about winning over every single Greyhound Rescue volunteer – so much so, that when she left us for her forever couch with Katie and her family, we were so happy (but so sad!) to see her go.

Four months later, Katie has shared an update on this gorgeous girl:

“We fell in love with Gracie as soon as we saw her photo. Gracie was her kennel name and when we met her, it just suited her so well. We finalised her adoption in February of this year.

She was quite nervous in the beginning and took some time to adjust – particularly to our very vocal four-year-old daughter – but we gave her the time and space she needed, set good boundaries with the kids and in just a short space of time, we have all adjusted.

Fast forward four months and Gracie now gets so excited for pats that she collapses on the floor with a joyful, super dramatic thud that always sends our children into hysterics. I recently found her inside a couch pillow fortress built by the kids, wrapped up in a blanket and surrounded by toys – she was loving it!

Gracie is such a sweet heart with a real playful spirit. She loves throwing toys in the air and catching them, destroying cardboard toilet rolls and digging her way around our backyard. Her bursts of power and speed are so impressive, and she loves a good zoomie. She’s also a chronic sock stealer (especially the well-used ones at the end of the day!) and secret-tea-drinker.

All that being said, she’s a simple girl at heart – she adores being cuddled and can never get close enough with all her legs and awkwardness. She loves a good lay in the sun and has her corner spot in our loungeroom where she is happiest.

The main thing we have learned during our journey with Gracie is that greyhounds need time and patience adjusting to a home environment. So many experiences are new and scary, but over time anxieties dissolve – it’s just so lovely to watch it unfold.

Our experience of adopting Gracie from Greyhound Rescue exceeded all expectations. We have felt supported at all stages of the process by volunteers that have a genuine interest and passion for these beautiful animals. I feel like Gracie had a lot of love and care shown to her at the kennels, which set her up for a good start with us. We feel so grateful that this sweet girl has become part of our family.”

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