Pippin’s happy home with Wendy

Jul 8, 2020 | Success Stories

It’s not all singing and dancing, but life with Wendy is pretty close to perfect for Greyhound Rescue alumni Pippin.

Wendy adopted Pippin, a stunning, 4-year-old gal with milky white fur and beautiful, big, brown eyes, in June 2019. A year on, Wendy says bringing Pippin home was the best decision she ever made.

“I thought long and hard about it – thinking about work, travel. Would they be lonely? How would they go in an apartment? – before I decided to adopt,” said Wendy.

“I can wholeheartedly say I have never regretted it. Pippin has bought nothing but joy – I hope she feels the same!”

“She’s such a beautiful girl, inside and out! She is extremely gentle and tolerant of children and all kinds of dogs – other greys are definitely her favourite though!”

Wendy says that while Pippin can be shy, she has a cheeky, adventurous streak that has gotten her into a spot of trouble in the past!

“The first time at Harbourside Dog Beach, she went bounding excitedly into the water. She suddenly realised she couldn’t touch the bottom, turned around in a panic and started ferociously dog-paddling back to the beach. That little scare didn’t stop her from going in for a second go!”

“Pippin has fit so easily into my life. She’s grown more confident – she loves chasing a ball, sits on command and has moments of absolutely crazy playfulness. Think 180-degree spins on the bed, tossing toys and running at full speed. It’s so great seeing her run free,” said Wendy.

Pippin likes the quiet times too. A good sleep in and a morning cuddle on the sofa with lots of under chin rubs is her idea of perfection.

Wendy says adopting through Greyhound Rescue was a really good process.

“The home visit set the tone for a volunteer group that cares and is diligent,” she said.

“If you’re thinking of adopting, do it!”

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