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Jul 6, 2020 | News

We’ve been shortlisted in the Australian Ethical Community Grants for 2020. You can help us bring our project to life by voting for Greyhound Rescue.

Greyhound Rescue’s project will see greyhounds homed safely while enriching the lives of those in aged care. The project would kickstart a pilot program to see retired rescue greyhounds brighten the lives of people in aged care, and reduce the very real risks of depression and loneliness by providing loving companionship.

Greyhounds’ sweet, calming nature makes them wonderful therapy animals for elderly people. Our plan is to develop a pilot project to rescue greyhounds discarded by the racing industry and enable them to live safe and active lives at aged care homes. This will provide hounds with a forever home and provide companionship and therapeutic benefits to elderly humans at risk of loneliness or depression.

Loneliness and depression are common among older people and are associated with decreased physical, cognitive, and social functioning, contributing to higher suicide rates than in younger adults.

Companion animal programs with seniors have been found to greatly improve their quality of life by preventing loneliness, decreasing depression, increasing physical activity and improving socialisation. A 2013 study found that residents in aged care facilities with dementia and low depression scores demonstrated significantly improved depression scores after receiving dog-assisted therapy relative to human-only intervention.

Ultimately, the aim is to expand the program to other sectors to create hundreds of new opportunities annually to save the lives of greyhounds. The full program will have three streams:

1. helping people living with mental illness

2. helping military veterans and emergency services personnel recovering from trauma

3. helping residents in aged care to improve their quality of life

The program will also enable us to broaden the public’s understanding of greyhounds’ calming and docile character and support our advocacy for their welfare.

To vote for us, click here to visit Australian Ethical.

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