Luna gets a second chance as an adored pet (and assistance dog!)

Jan 25, 2020 | Success Stories

Luna is a typical greyhound. Her favourite pastime is sleeping which she dedicates herself to with pizazz at home with her pawrents Regine and Zolton. But this incredible girl also has another very important responsibility – she’s a fully qualified assistance dog.

“Luna’s journey has been very special,” said Regine.

“With the help of a trainer, I trained Luna to accompany me everywhere. I’m in awe of how well she does and how calm and collected she remains, even in big crowds. I feel blessed to have her by my side.

But its not all work and no play for Luna (formerly Beyoncé)! Since her adoption in March 2018, she’s proved herself to be an incredibly adaptable dog, happily tagging along with whatever Regina and Zolton are doing.

“Long walks, short walks, getting up early or late, travelling or staying home – she is happy to be with us and we absolutely adore her.”

While she was initially anxious when left on her own, Regine and Zolton spent some time post-adoption training and reassuring her. Nowadays, she’s a happy, lazy and very calm dog. While she still likes to know where her pawrents are and will often follow them around the house, she knows that she is safe and adored.

“She spends the majority of the day sleeping on her various beds or on her ottoman next to the sofa. After dinner is a different story – she will stare at us until we relent and vacate the sofa for her. Zolton and I usually end up on her ottoman or on the floor!”

“We were thinking about adopting a greyhound for a long time before we met Luna. Greyhound Rescue rehabilitates their dogs and prepares them for life as a pet. They also match you with a suitable dog and support you throughout the trial period and post-adoption.”

“Luna is a perfect fit for us. Knowing what I know about greyhounds now, if you’re thinking about adopting, I’d say go for it! Your love and patience will be rewarded a thousand-fold.”

Find out more about the adoption process here.

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