Finding a furever home ‘Luna’ rather than later!

Jan 25, 2020 | Success Stories

Luna. Loons. Lady Luna. Roachasaurus. She goes by many names these days, but there’s one thing that’s for certain – beautiful Luna has found her furever home with Georgia and Billy.

Luna (formerly Azalea) came to the Greyhound Rescue kennels in August 2019. In a matter of days, this 3-year-old beauty demonstrated herself to be a certified roaching expert. Despite our best efforts, none of our volunteers could get a photo of Luna where she was upright! Georgia tells us Luna’s sea-change from the Camden kennels to Sydney’s Upper North Shore hasn’t dampened her inclination for inversion one bit.

“We call her a Roachasaurus. No matter where or when, Luna will roach within a few minutes of laying down. We spent New Year’s Eve at a friend’s house last year, and at midnight, as the fireworks were booming, Luna was on her back, roaching without a care in the world.”

“When we first met Luna, she was very reserved and paid little interest in us. We had met a few greys that day and were finding it hard to pick (they were all so beautiful!) We decided to ask to meet Luna one more time, and when she came back in the second time, she was still very reserved, but slowly made her way onto the couch and gently sat between my husband and I. She gave us a look, and that was it – Adopted!”

Over the past 6 months, Luna has made incredible progress learning about life as a pet.

“When we adopted Luna, Greyhound Rescue let us know that while she liked the company of other greyhounds, she wasn’t really that fond of small dogs. She used to freeze whenever she saw one!

“We’ve been working hard to help desensitise her and let her know it’s OK and she is safe. I’m so proud of her – these days when she sees another dog, she has a quick look but stays calm and continues on her walk! She’s made tremendous progress and the stronger our bond has become, the most she progresses.

“Not only has Luna fit into our family, she’s completed it. She’s lightened up our lives in a way we didn’t think was possible. Every morning we wake up and look down at Luna in her bed and see how happy she is, it’s just wonderful.

A bonus of adopting a greyhound through Greyhound Rescue is the wonderful community of volunteers and adoptive pawrents.

“The community welcomes you with such warmth and are always there for anything you need. Greyhound Rescue have provided ongoing support and advice post-adoption which has been so helpful. They work with honesty and integrity and just want the best for everyone.

“There are few things in life that change your world forever, but adopting a greyhound is one of them. What you give to them, they give you back tenfold! They’re very special dogs.

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