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Hannah (Homed)

Hannah is kindly sponsored by Silvia, Sarah, Daniel, Fiona, Jodi, Ashley & Nathan.   Hello I’m Hannah, a cheeky little miss ready to steal your heart! I have the cleverest ears that go straight up when I see or hear something interesting, especially if you have a squeaky toy. Oh boy oh boy I LOOOOOVE […]

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Evita (Homed)

Evita is kindly sponsored by Shane, Emma, Alexandra, Toni, Fiona & Nicole.   I’m Evita and I’m not your typical greyhound! All these other greyhound girls with their tiny butts and being all snooty and supermodels but I’m not like that at all! I’ve got a curvy figure and I’m not ashamed of it. I’ll […]

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Kelly (Homed)

Hi I’m Kelly! I’m looking for a home where I can be boss of the couch. Yep, that’s right. You can still be boss of the TV remote but the couch is mine ok? I’m an extremely good at being the boss – that means doing a lot of supervising doesn’t it but not much […]

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Ember (Homed)

Ember is kindly sponsored by Jennifer, Jenny, Zoe, Matt & Edina.   Hello I’m Ember and I’m not only smoulderingly good looking but I’m ready to light up your life! I want to be the centre of your attention so I would prefer to be on my own without any other small fluffies but I […]

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Elly-May (Homed)

Elly-May is kindly sponsored by Sarahann, Amanda & Karen.   Hi y’all I’m Elly- May and I’m the cutest itty bitty critter with the cleverest ears y’ever did see. Now what I’d like to do is strike it rich with a family all my own. I ain’t askin’ much just a comfy settee, lots of […]

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Peggy Sue (Homed)

Hello I’m Peggy -Sue! I arrived to GR not in the best condition with two other houndies and had to spend a few days at the dogtors but I’m doing so much better now thanks to some emergency foster care. I’m getting fatter every day, my coat is getting sleeker and I love all the […]

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JK (Homed)

Jk is proudly sponsored by Clancy & Apple, Margot, Ross & Jordan.   Hi I’m JK (or John or Johnathan) and I was named after the late John Kaye, a good friend and advocate for us houndies. I arrived to GR in not the best condition with two other ladies but after some TLC here […]

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Ricky (Homed)

Ricky is kindy sponsored by Shane, Emma, Toni ,Alexandria,Nicole & Fiona.   Hi I’m Ricky and just like that Ricky Martin I’m not only good looking but I’ve got all the right moves! Er, that is, if  you don’t mind me moving in on your couch. Don’t count on me for too much singing though, […]

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Maxwell Smart (Homed)

Maxwell Smart is kindly sponsored by Fiona & Nicole.   I’m Maxwell – Maxwell Smart that is, and just like my namesake I am slightly goofy, loveable, and my attention span can be a little adrift. So what if occasionally I can be caught licking your pants…your shoes…your shirt…wait, what was I saying? You smell […]

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Theo (Homed)

Theo is kindly sponsored by Jackie & Vanessa.   Hi I’m Theo and I am a toy connoisseur. I collect and test every toy that is available at GR, and I’ll tell you which ones are the best : ALL of them!!! When it comes to teddy bears please don’t expect me to share. In […]

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