ToeBeans, the Big Friendly Giant

Dec 12, 2023 | Success Stories

A hound now so happy he’s always wagging his tail in his sleep, Megan and Elijah couldn’t be more glad about their decision to introduce ToeBeans to their family. 

It was a month of joy for Megan and Elijah, receiving the exciting news that they had been matched with ToeBeans, followed by their wedding and honeymoon, and finally the day when they took ToeBeans home. 

“Thanks to Greyhound Rescue’s matching process, we received his profile before we got married,” Megan says. 

“We were smitten and couldn’t wait to bring him home after our honeymoon. I don’t think another kind of dog would have fit so well in our family.”

“As we are shift workers, he keeps one of us company while the other is at work. ToeBeans makes me feel so safe when my husband is on night shift.”

Megan says he is adventurous, patient and oh-so-affectionate, and likens him to the BFG (Big Friendly Giant). You know when he’s excited, thanks to his chitters, tail wags, spins and excited noises. 

“After his 30-45min walk, he’s perfectly happy to spend the rest of his day roaching on the couch asleep, and snuggling.”

“He’s has a habit of making a nest using pillows, blankets and fluffy beds. Sometimes we find random things in his nest. We had to put the wooden spoons away as he’d steal them. We got him other things to play with instead.”

“Thanks to Greyhound Rescue he’s now part of our family.”

“I think that he knows he’s safe and loved now.”

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