An affectionate boy named Hondo

Nov 7, 2023 | Success Stories

The handsome Hondo is living his best life with pawrent Sue! A year down the track, we’ve checked in with Sue to see how it’s going.

Ask Sue to describe Hondo in a sentence, and she would tell you he is a little quiet, very gentle and unique. 

“He loves people,” says Sue. “He puts his nose up to everyone that passes him in our local coffee shop”. He has some klepto tendencies when it comes to Sue’s shoes, but Sue says he only does it for the attention, never destroying them. And despite having a great big yard, he prefers human company and will stay close to Sue.

Toilet training and managing freezing on walks were a learning curve for both Sue and Hondo early on, but Sue is happy to say both are going well now. Short walks can still take longer than expected, but for a different reason. 

“Sometimes a short walk ends up a long one due to the chats along the way,” Sue explains. “People are very interested in him and love to talk to me about him.”

 Sue found the Greyhound Rescue team to be excellent during the adoption process, providing all the support and information she needed. 

“Everyone I have met through my journey has been terrific!”

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