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Hello there, the name’s Maddox. I’m a little bit shy at first but I’m a pretty curious fellow – that’s why I always keep one ear out –  so I don’t I miss out on what’s going on – or a good ear scratch… I definitely don’t want to miss out on one of those! While […]

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Hi there, I’m Ace and you adopt me, you’ll think you’ve hit the jackpot!! I’m an affectionate and playful guy – I’m happy to chill and have a cuddle but also quite the toy aficionado so I think if you’ve got a comfy bed and some toys for me, I’ll be set! Being the happy […]

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Ludwig (on trial)

Hi, I’m Ludwig (van Greyhound) – now, I might not have the piano skills of my namesake, but I think I can string a pretty good tune together when I’m asking for extra pats! I’m a happy go lucky kind of guy with a zest for life. I just love getting out and about or […]

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Hi, I’m Lotus and I’m certainly stealing everybody’s hearts around here! I just have to flash people a cheeky grin, and then I’ve won them over. I’m basically the biggest, cuddliest boy you’ll ever meet. I just can’t get enough cuddle time! Even though I’m quite a big boy, I can be a little bit […]

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Hi there, I’m Mustang. I am quite a big boy but don’t let my size fool you, I’m one of the most affectionate and smoochy hounds you’ll ever meet! Sometimes though, I forget my size in my pursuit of cuddles so it might be best if you don’t have any little’uns or the small, fluffy […]

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Hi there, I’m Neville… you can probably already tell I’m a bit of a larrikin. I mean, I’m already auditioning for ‘tongue out Tuesday’. I arrived here at Greyhound Rescue with my brother Norman and now we’re now both waiting patiently for our forever homes! When I’m not being the class clown, I’m happy just […]

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Hi, I’m Norman. I arrived here at GR HQ with my brother, Neville. I’m a pretty chilled out kind of dude.  When I’m not chillin’ on my trampoline bed I’m happy for a quick walk or some cuddle time. I’m a happy go lucky boy, great with children and other big dogs. I’m sweet natured and […]

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Gerry (on trial)

Hi there, the name’s Gerry. I love to be around people, especially when they’re telling me how handsome I am and give me a good ear rub! I love playtimes, walks and just hanging out while humans do whatever they do. I have heard there are people who like going for walks and visiting different […]

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Fiona (on trial)

Hello! I’m Fiona, nice to meet you! I’m a happy girl with plenty of personality to win you over, you might say I’m even a bit cheeky. My favourite pastimes are eating and playing (in no particular order) so I’ll be more than happy to take up the job of chief taste tester in my […]

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Noddy (homed)

Hi, I’m Noddy! Where’s Big Ears I hear you say? Well, they’re on my head of course! I’m a relaxed and chilled out kind of guy looking for my forever home. I’m really just happy to relax close to people, so I’m picturing a nice comfy couch to share with my family in the future. […]

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