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Baby is kindly sponsored by Andrea & Fred. Hi, I’m just a teeny tiny girl – that’s why they call me Baby! I’m a little girl with a big heart that wants to be loved. I can be a little nervous but once I get to know you I’ll be putty in your hands. I’m just […]

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Emmett is kindly sponsored by Rogan, Katrina, Shan, Sue, Margot, Pat & Leigh.   Hi, I’m Emmett, a little goofy lookin’ but I promise you I will be your super dooper best friend. Plus, since I’m named after Dr Emmett Brown I’m definitely interested in the future – my future! You won’t need a DeLorean […]

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Sassy is kindly sponsored by Lee, Teresa,Glenna, Lesley, Paul & Vanessa. Hi I’m sassy and I’m Sassy! I am also a teddy bear connoisseur, so it is very important I find a family that finds me the best teddy bears in the world! Just imagine how cute I would look in my onsie, snuggled into […]

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    Chip is kindly sponsored by Shane, Emma, Alexandra, Toni, Nicole, & Fiona. Hi I’m Chip and I have plenty of personality! I love to wiggle myself under your legs, come and and do it all over again, and give you a cheeky derp or smile. Life will definitely not be very boring without […]

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Sarah Jane

Hi I’m Sarah Jane! I’m a quieter girl that likes to snooze all day, I can be a little timid to begin with but once I get to know you I’ll love you forever. I like the boy greyhounds but the other girls cramp my style. Small human types are ok by me, but not […]

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Hi I’m Squid, and I LOOOOOOVE water! I’ll be as happy as a (Squid in a) clam if you have a paddle pool for me. I would make a great family pet, I get on with kiddies and other dogs, I’m playful and very affectionate. I like company, and don’t like being on my own […]

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Atticus is kindly sponsored by Carly, Shane, Kayne & Michele. I’m Atticus and I’m a quiet good natured boy.  I am great with other dogs, although I do prefer the company of ladies. Kiddies are ok with me but if they get too loud, they can make me nervous which is why I’d like a […]

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Elton is kindly sponsored by Andrea & Fred.   I’m Elton (after Elton John you know) I can be a bit shy at first meeting new people, so don’t go breaking my heart and overlook me! I am gently playful, and give the best cuddles around. I believe that everything worth doing takes time (napping, […]

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Hi, I’m Caesar and I’m looking for an empire to call my own. It doesn’t have to be a  palace, a few couches perhaps for me to recline on and somewhere to dine, and a good yard for me to run around in. I’m a lean, clean, roaching machine that needs a bit of room […]

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Zia is kindly sponsored by Karen, Amanda, Ross, Jordan, Margot, and Taryn. Hi I’m Zia,  and I’m just going to tell you right now my best attribute is being the world’s best kisser – just ask our volunteers! I’m highly affectionate and looking for someone that I can smooch up to, so I hope you’re […]

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