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George (On Trial)


George is kindly sponsored by Karen, Amanda .   You know, there are soooo many famous Georges out there…. Prince George, Boy George, George Columbaris, George of the Jungle…but you haven’t met the best of them yet. Oh, haven’t I introduced myself yet? That would be me, I’m George! I’m a bit of a dude […]

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Mouse is kindly sponsored by Leigh & Pat.   Would you like a little mouse in your house? Of course you would if that mouse was me! At six years old I am well past the puppy stage and looking for the finer things in life to enjoy – sedate walks, long naps, fine dining […]

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  Caprice is kindly sponsored by Carly, Shane, Kayne, & Michele.   I’m Caprice and although I can be a little shy at first I’m getting used to all this love and attention from the volunteers! With my salt and pepper snout I may look an old lady but let’s just say I am dignified […]

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Digger is kindly sponsored by Vanessa, Paul, Jackie, Alexandra, Amber, Flora & Liz.   The name’s Digger and I’m prepared to dig my way through all the blankies and onto your bed…er I mean couch…ummm. Whoops dobbed myself in there! Like most greyhounds I’m looking for the comfiest spot I can find. I’m a young […]

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Timon (On Trial)

Timon is kindly sponsored by Suzi & Ally.   I’m Timon and I’m no passing craze – if you adopt me you’ll have no worries for the rest of your days! Ok, so maybe not all worries for you (certainly my worries will be over) but adopting a houndie is very good for your health […]

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Astrid (On Trial)


Astrid is kindly sponsored by Nicola, Lisa, Sue, Shelley, Belinda & The No Meat Athelete Team.   Hi I’m Astrid! I might have one of the cutest needle noses you have ever seen but hidden beneath I’m a cheeky playful possum that will do everything I can to get my own way (extra snacks, cuddles, […]

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Eleanor (On Trial)


Eleanor is kindly sponsored by Christine, Laura, Fiona, Noral & Andy.   I’m Eleanor and I’m an elegant lady of 6 that is ready to settle down. Past my puppy years and plenty of love and life left to give I would love a family who would let me live quietly having plenty of long […]

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Crystal is kindly sponsored by Susan, Macha, Mali, Nerida, Vanessa & Jacquline.   Hi I’m Crystal! I’m an active girl with a busy mind that would suit a home with a bit of room to stretch my legs. I would benefit from an experienced family without children who can keep me entertained, and adore me […]

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Xaviour is kindly sponsore by Ross, Jordan, Margot & Taryn.   I’m Xaviour with an X – the X is for X-tra exciting! I’m a dude that likes my own space and doesn’t like to share the limelight so I need a pad that will let me be top dog. Things that cramp my style […]

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Hannah (On Trial)


Hannah is kindly sponsored by Silvia, Sarah, Daniel, Fiona, Jodi, Ashley & Nathan.   Hello I’m Hannah, a cheeky little miss ready to steal your heart! I have the cleverest ears that go straight up when I see or hear something interesting, especially if you have a squeaky toy. Oh boy oh boy I LOOOOOVE […]

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