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Hi ya I’m Spike, and unlike my name I’m not spikey at all! I am a relaxed cool dude looking for my forever couch. I have a extra special quirk in that I love to “grin” when I say hello to people so although it looks  a bit scarey I promise you I’m the goofiest […]

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Maxwell Smart

Maxwell Smart is kindly sponsored by Fiona & Nicole.   I’m Maxwell – Maxwell Smart that is, and just like my namesake I am slightly goofy, loveable, and my attention span can be a little adrift. So what if occasionally I can be caught licking your pants…your shoes…your shirt…wait, what was I saying? You smell […]

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Foxie is kindly sponsored by Zoe.   “I’m Foxie and I am a silver foxy lady! I may be 10, but that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to have a couch somewhere and enjoy the good life. The problem is, everybody wants all the young houndies with the pretty coats, they don’t want the black […]

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  Tess is kindly sponsored by Leigh & Pat.   “I’m Tess, and although I am 10 I have plenty of love to give! I might have had some life experience but that just means I’m much more settled than those young whipper snappers. What I’m looking for is somebody that doesn’t mind a bit […]

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theo 2

Theo is kindly sponsored by Jackie & Vanessa.   Hi I’m Theo and I am a toy connoisseur. I collect and test every toy that is available at GR, and I’ll tell you which ones are the best : ALL of them!!! When it comes to teddy bears please don’t expect me to share. In […]

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Harley 3

Harley is kindly sponsored by Vanessa & Lesley.   Hiya I’m Harley looking for my Davidson! Just kidding, you can have any surname you like as long as you want to adopt me! I’m a lean clean athletic roaching machine, and I’d like to park myself at your place. In physique I’m definitely more of a Sportster […]

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Randy is sponsored by Susan and by Spark Helmore Lawyers. Hi I’m Randy and I’m a goofy athletic type looking for someone who likes to zoom about as much as I do. I looooooove my toys, showing off, having fun, and any bit of excitement really. I would be suited to a home without anything small […]

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Brooklyn (On Trial)

Brooklyn 1

Brooklyn is kindly sponsored by Jenny & Jennifer.   Hi I’m Brooklyn and just like a Brooklyn native I’m gonna be short sweet and to the point okay? (Imagine I sound like Fran Drescher. I can’t help being nasally have you seen the length of my hooter?!) Do you like dawgs? Great.  Now I’m a […]

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Memphis 3

Memphis is kindly sponsored by Clyde, Deb Jack & Lee.   I’m Memphis, and I’m just a baby not even two yet! You know the song that says “Then I’ll be walking in Memphis…?” well you’re lucky, because if you adopt me you’ll get to walk with Memphis! And if I get a home of […]

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cliffy 1

Cliffy is kindly sponsored by Fiona.   I’m Cliffy and once you’ve met me you might just get a  funny feeling that you’re falling in love with me…well that’s what Cliff Richard sang, and he’s a Cliffy too so it must be right! I’m a happy chap looking for my forever love. We could sit […]

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