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We have 31 dogs in kennels and 17 in our emergency boarding kennels. If you have a pet greyhound, you will know how much they wolf down…if you don’t, imagine what a horse might eat 😉

But in all seriousness, we need some help. We have been so grateful for food donations in the past but we are currently running low and can’t afford to buy the good quality biscuits out of our kitty continuously. A good quality bag of dog biscuits cost around $100 for a large bag and we need to purchase a pallet (which is 36 bags) to save on delivery. So we have come up with a ‘Buy Virtual Bag of Dog’ donation scheme where you can purchase a bag on your own, perhaps with a group of friends or your family.

The cost of a Virtual Bag of Dog Food Costs $100. Your purchase will increase our thermometer below and once our stock nears it’s end in a few months time we will begin our scheme again.

If you would like to Buy Virtual Bag of Dog you can do so via PayPal or direct bank transfer. Please reference your donation as ‘FOOD’.


Direct Bank Transfer

AccountName:  Greyhound Rescue Inc
BSB: 012289
Account No: 524792379

Please send an accompanying email to with your details to let Janet and Peter know you have donated so we can thank you accordingly 🙂

Our greyhounds and their full bellies thank you!!!

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