Bequest to Greyhound Rescue

How to make a bequest

By including Greyhound Rescue Incorporated in your will, you will be making a compassionate commitment to ensure that greyhounds no longer wanted by the racing industry will be safe and cared for, learn to explore their senses, and be able to live out their lives as cherished pets in a loving forever home.

We suggest that you include the following wording in your will:

I give and bequeath to Greyhound Rescue Incorporated, ABN 89 282 387 425 for the use and purpose of Greyhound Rescue Incorporated:

A. The whole of my estate or

B.____% of my estate or

C. the sum of $_____ dollars, free of all death duties

The receipt of the Treasurer or President or other proper officer of Greyhound Rescue Incorporated shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my executors for this legacy.

Once you have made a bequest to Greyhound Rescue Incorporated, please let us know, so we are aware of your support. To do so, or to request any further information about bequests, please email