How much does a greyhound cost?

Jun 8, 2022 | Adoption, Greyhound care

The cost of owning a pet goes way beyond just the adoption fee. There are ongoing costs to consider when choosing to bring a pet into your home, and it is important that you take that into account when thinking about adoption.

We surveyed over a hundred adopters about the costs associated with owning a hound, and the answer we got was a little bit “how long is a piece of string”! Of course the costs will be highly variable and where some people will opt for the basics and others will go “all out”. One thing that the respondents said overwhelmingly was that the financial cost was worth it!

We found that the a majority of people’s set up costs, which includes things like bowls, beds, toys and enrichment, coats, grooming supplies and any modifications to their home, were around $500, not including the adoption fee. Prices vary dramatically, for instance you can spend $20 on a dog bed and add an old blanket, or or you can buy a top-of-the-line orthopedic bed with changable covers for close to $800.

Average monthly costs, including things like food and treats, worming and flea treatment, and grooming costs were around $200 according to the group surveyed. This did not include extras such as dog walking, or costs for specific health conditions or medication. Again there is a huge amount of variation in terms of what people will spend, and many people confessed to being unable to resist the urge to spoil their hound.

Most respondents spent between $200-2000 each year on things such as annual health check and vaccinations, dental health, and accident and injury costs. There are pros and cons to having pet insurance as well, and unexpected vet trips can certainly leave a hole in the hip-pocket. Many respondents elected instead to put aside an ’emergency fund’ should the need arise.

Whatever end of the spectrum your spending falls, it is important to consider that owning a pet is a considerable financial commitment and to be ready to include costs associated with your hound into your monthly budget.

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