Su’s personality shines with Margaret

Jan 5, 2022 | Success Stories

Su (FKA Suria) who arrived at Greysland in November 2020, only spent a few weeks in our care before she was whisked off to a new home with Margaret. Having given greyhounds from Greyhound Rescue loving homes in the past, we knew Su was in safe, devoted hands.

Margaret describes Sue as a “Dr Jekyl/Mr Hyde personality” – but not in an evil way!

“She is very quiet and shy when there are visitors in the house, but as soon as they leave, well, she is a different dog! She will throw her toys around, particularly her soft football, run around the backyard (gone ratty, I call it), dig holes and follow me everywhere,” says Margaret.

“Su loves nothing more than sleeping on either of her two beds she can choose from, but she especially loves the lounge after dinner.

Margaret says Su has fitted in really well at home.

“Although shy around other people, her true personality shines when it’s just the two of us.

“I would absolutely recommend a greyhound to anyone. Considering the upheavals in their life, they are loving, adaptable, loyal with a beautiful temperament. 

Easy to please with a walk, a lounge, food and cuddles.

“This is my fourth greyhound from Greyhound Rescue and I have found them to be so helpful and accommodating. 

“They are not going to give you just any greyhound – you can be assured it will be a dog that will fit into your family, and your lifestyle. 

“It can take a few months to find the perfect greyhound, but be patient – it’ll be worth the wait.”

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