Jilly jingling all the way to the Inner West

Dec 22, 2021 | Success Stories

Gentle and affectionate Jilly has been living her best life in the Inner West for over a year now, but her pawrents will never forget the first moment they laid eyes on their gorgeous dark brindle girl.

“As soon as Margot led her around the corner and over to us, a bond was instantly formed and Jilly was a part of our family,” says dad Tom.

“She took extremely well to living life in our Newtown apartment, and is absolutely adored by all of our friends and family. We can’t imagine life without her.

Aside from getting her 18 hours of sleep a day, Jilly loves walks down to the local dog park in Camperdown and socialising with all of her four-legged friends.

“She also very much enjoys playing tug-a-war with her best friend Franklin the Boston Terrier.

Tom says Jilly has pools of love to share, and like many greyhounds, is an absolute goofball.

“When she’s in a crowd of people, Jilly will make sure each and every person provides her some form of affection.

“She has a goofy side too – she’ll throw her toys across the living room in celebration of a delicious dinner, and then pass out asleep 5 minutes later looking like a zombie t-rex with her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth!

“Greyhounds are the perfect package; they are low maintenance, their temperaments are suitable for owners of all ages and family make-ups, and they are full of quirky personality that brings no end of joy.

“Above all else, giving a hound a chance at a good life after the adversity most hounds experience before they arrive at Greyhound Rescue is one of the most rewarding things we have done.

“We cannot recommend adopting a greyhound more highly!

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