Woody a total cowboy and family man

Jul 12, 2021 | Success Stories

It was a happy day for Woody, and for all of us at the Greyhound Rescue kennels, when we came across the adoptee application from Henry and his family. They welcomed Woody (formerly Elwood) to the clan – and to their large backyard – with open arms and open hearts.

It seems no one in the clan has looked back since!

“Woody is almost human,” says Henry.

“He’ll shower you with affection, but he will also let you know when he wants his own time!

“He really loves walks – he gets two to three a day – and he’s not shy in reminding you when its time to do. He’s also partial to a zoomie! He’ll zoom around the pool in the yard with one of his plethora of toys and then dig like he’s trying to get all the way to China.

“One thing that we learnt VERY quickly about Woody is to never leave food around unattended. We learnt the hard way – we lost the family lamb roast to Woody’s stomach while it was cooling in the kitchen!

“Woody is a family man. He gets excited when other members of the clan get home and he’s always ready for a meet and greet at the front door.

“He also regularly does the rounds of all the rooms in the house ensuring everyone is accounted for. If he notices that someone is gone, he’ll keep making visits to the room to see that they have come back. 

“Having owned previous rescue dogs like a Golden Retriever, a Cocker Spaniel and a Labrador, I have to say that Greyhounds are nothing like those other breeds – but I would recommend a greyhound as a pet to anyone. You definitely need to put in time and effort to get to know your hound, but when you do, the rewards will come.

“The team at Greyhound Rescue and their fosters are very dedicated and informative. You really need to be worthy to receive a greyhound from them and they really want to make sure that their Greyhounds are going to the right families for the right reasons.

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