Meet our Volunteers – Maxine

Apr 8, 2021 | Volunteer Stories

Volunteers are the very backbone of what we do at Greyhound Rescue. Explore the stories of some of our volunteers and find out what it’s like being part of our volunteer family.

Name: Maxine

Volunteer with Greyhound Rescue for: <1 year

Volunteering role: Kennel-hand, hound transport and other miscellaneous tasks!

How long have you been volunteering with Greyhound Rescue and what is your role?

As a kid, I grew up with greyhounds around me. Last year, I got talking with a lady who is a current volunteer with Greyhound Rescue and she gave me the information I needed to get started!

I’m usually at ‘Greysland’ Monday to Friday for a few hours each day. I have permanent shifts, but I also help with vet runs, hound transports to foster/adopter homes and various other tasks I can help with.

What’s the best thing about being a Greyhound Rescue volunteer?

Being a part of Greyhound Rescue is an all-round rewarding experience. I love being a vollie at GR as not only do I get to be with the hounds, I also get to spend time with a great team of staff and other volunteers. You get to meet people from all walks of life with a common interest in hounds and there are always laughs to be had.

It makes me smile everyday to be able to interact with the beautiful hounds and be part of their transition into happy, forever homes.

What skills have you picked up during your times as a volunteer?

There’s such a huge array of jobs you can be part of as a Greyhound Rescue volunteer, so the list of possible skills you can pick up are endless! For me, the most important skills I’m learning are the different ways we can help the hounds to experience new things in a positive way.

The most unexpected skill I’ve learned is teaching hounds to swim in a hydrotherapy pool! We recently spent the day with nurses from SASH Vets, who taught us some techniques and skills to help hounds use the pool safely, especially those that come to the kennels with injuries.

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