Raven makes simple, everyday moments a delight

Mar 23, 2021 | Success Stories

Unlike his namesake – the ‘raven’, a dark and mysterious bird, often associated with bad luck and ill omens – Raven the greyhound (FKA Legend) has bought nothing but good vibes, happiness and love to his furever family!

It’s been just over a year since Raven trotted out the doors of the Greyhound Rescue kennels with his new mum and dad, and by the sounds of things, he hasn’t looked back once. Raven’s mum says he’s a goofy, quirky and clumsy sweetheart who only ever wants to please his humans and receive some love <3

“When out on walks, Raven is a super curious boy who loves to sniff everything and anything. But when at home, he loves nothing more than to snooze on a couch next to his humans. 

“Raven’s all-time favourite thing to do is groan. He groans several times a day. Many things can activate a Raven groan: finding a comfy spot, ear rubs, snuggling with his humans, or lying down and doing absolutely nothing!

“He’s transformed our lives for the better. We go on many more walks, discover new spots in our neighbourhood, and visit parks we otherwise wouldn’t.

“Simple everyday moments have become a delight as Raven is there to make us laugh, give us his affection, remind us to enjoy the little things in the here and now. Every morning has become a celebration as Raven is now there to welcome us to a new day with rubs, leans, zoomies and play.

Raven’s parents can’t think of a more perfect pet for someone looking for a companion dog than a rescue greyhound.

“They are loyal, will make you laugh and are incredibly content to come home and chill after a short walk!

“One thing to keep in mind though, is that rescue greyhounds required a lot of (well deserved) love, patience and attention, especially in the first few weeks and months of adoption.

Luckily, Greyhound Rescue’s kennel manager and volunteers are there to support new adoptees in those critical first few months.

“There is so much support and love in the Greyhound Rescue community and as an adopter, I have received lots of help from the GR volunteers. There’s also a Facebook group where you can connect with fellow adopters and volunteers. 

“Greyhound Rescue has to be one of the best animal shelters I’ve come across. They do their utmost to care for every single hound that comes through their doors and prioritise ensuring every hound goes to the right home.”

Love greyhounds but not able to adopt? Why not join our volunteer crew?! From helping out at the kennels and transporting hounds to organising fundraisers and doing some admin, there is always something to be done. Find out more here.

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