Ellie and Baxter: best fur-ends and mischief makers

Jan 11, 2021 | Success Stories

Have you heard of Bonnie and Clyde? Sonny and Cher? Bert and Ernie? What about Ellie and Baxter? This iconic duo met six months ago when Ellie (formerly Elena) left the Greyhound Rescue kennels to try out this little thing called ‘pet life’ with her new family.

Ellie’s mum Sarah says Baxter, a three-year old Labrador, and Ellie, were firm, furry friends from day one.

“Ellie is a super sweet, affectionate and polite girl who is incredibly easy-going and chilled. She loves to snuggle and cuddle up to her Labrador brother Baxter, as well as her human family,” said Sarah.

According to Sarah, having two dogs is far less work that she expected because Ellie is so easy-going – Baxter the Labrador is the one who wrecks all the havoc!

“Ellie has been in a few misadventures because of her overly enthusiastic brother and more than once she has been framed as his accomplice. 

“I once came home to an empty bag of grapes on the kitchen counter and two guilty-looking dogs. Poor Ellie had to go with Baxter to the vet hospital where it turned out that Baxter had eaten all the grapes and Ellie had eaten none!

“Despite having been through such an ordeal she came out of the vets looking elegant as ever while Baxter looked like he was in the middle of a three-day hangover!” said Sarah.

Cheeky Baxter’s influence is not all bad though. He has helped Ellie, who has always had a placid, gentle nature, to relax and come out of her shell over the past six months.

“I would recommend adopting a greyhound from Greyhound Rescue because they clearly love the hounds but also they are so organised and dedicated to matching the right hound with the right people, and providing you with all the support and information you could possibly need,

“The biggest surprise for me was actually how low-maintenance she is, but maybe that’s just in contrast with raising a labrador puppy!

“I think as with children or any humans really, with greyhounds it’s important to tune in to what they need and help them gradually get used to a new environment. They are so sweet and affectionate and with some love and care they will love you back forever,” said Sarah.

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