We’re all “Happy as Larry” who has found his furever home

Jul 22, 2020 | Success Stories

There were happy tears from our Greyhound Rescue volunteers the day Larry headed off to his furever home with Ali and Nick – he had won us all over right from the start with his friendly and affectionate nature.

Ali says the only thing that has changed in two years since they brought Larry home is that he’s somehow gotten MORE friendly.

“We’ve seen such an amazing growth in confidence. He came out of his shell and became this bubbly, little greyhound,” said Ali.

“He is the happiest boy, always smiling, wagging his tail and saying hello to everyone we pass by. Everyone in our suburb knows him and greets him by name. It’s just the best!

According to Ali, Larry has fitted into their little family so beautifully.

“He’s so easy going and truly a delight to live with. We were pleasantly surprised by how we’ve been able to train Larry. Within the first year of having him, we had taught him how to sit, shake, lay down and roll. He now also rings a bell, spins, and kisses on command! 

“Larry absolutely loves going in the car. We’re still not sure whether it’s the car ride itself, or the excitement of the destination – either way, it’s super cute! Anytime we walk past parked cars, he checks them out to see if it’s our car. He also knows the word “car” and knows exactly what we mean when we say it. He gets so excited!

“If you’re thinking about adopting a greyhound, do it. They are the most beautiful dogs and will bring so much joy to your life.

“We love what Greyhound Rescue do. They truly love the dogs and are so fantastic at finding them all forever homes.”

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