Coats for your Greyhound!

Annie’s Coats

Annie has been a great support of Greyhound Rescue for a few years now. When we sent out a desperate call for coats for the dogs in kennels this cold Winter Annie supplied 30 coats for our greyhounds in the kennels at cost.

Annie says: “The inspiration for “Annie’s Coats” came from a group of senior greyhounds in Victoria who were desperately in need of loving homes. Within a week of the call going out, a number of very special people, some with their own greyhound(s), took these beautiful creatures into their homes as long term fosters.

Not being able to take another grey myself – I wondered what I could do to help.

Being in the depth of a Melbourne winter and looking at my two fur kids all snuggled in the polar fleece pj’s I had made for them, I set off on a mission to make coats for the “oldies”. Some wonderful people donated fabric, others money, and within a short time all of the seniors had new coats to take with them to their foster/forever homes.”

Annie’s coats are available for $30 +postage 0r

or for $15 donate a coat to keep a rescue greyhound warm this winter


Kay’s Coats

Greyhound Rescue recommends your greyhound wear a coat between the months of April and September when outside for any period of time and also overnight, even if inside. Use the coat whenever the temperature is 15 degrees or below, unless your greyhound is exercising.

These coats lovingly hand made by Kay Groves are made of polyester/rayon, and they can be lined with polo fleece or lined with sherpa cloth. Machine wash in cold water gentle cycle only.

Sizes available:

Small fits the smaller greyhounds, approx 20kg – 26kg

Medium fits most greyhounds, approx 27kg – 33kg

Large fits the big boys, approx 34kg +

The coats can also come with two different types of necks – the long polar fleeced type keeps your greyhound’s neck as well as their ears warm as modelled by the gorgeous Danny…. If preferred, the neck can be the shorter roll type as our lovely model Aimee shows.  All coats come in the colours shown, or you can request a particular colour and it can be custom made.

The coats cost $85 plus $10 for postage – Australia wide.

They are of the highest quality. Kay has been supporting us by making coats for our kenneled dogs for several years now.  Please support her. You will never have to buy your greyhound a winter coat again, these coats will last your greyhound for life!

To order or make an enquiry please contact Kay –



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