It’s tax time!

Hi humans, it’s Princess Mary here. I’ve just realised that we’re now into June and that means tax time is nearly here! Personally, I’ve had a pretty prosperous year. Ever since I got rescued, my stocks keep going up! What better way for me to give back than to help a fellow hound in need.

Unlike me, some of my cousins haven’t been so lucky to find homes yet and they need your help. So much time and money goes into finding homes for the hounds… vet bills, kennels bills, treatments… it never stops!

As it’s the end of the financial year very soon, could you please think of the hounds that are waiting for their forever homes when you are getting ready for tax time?

Greyhound Rescue receives no funding and relies purely on donations from kind people like yourselves so we can keep saving greyhounds. Every donation over $2 is tax-deductible… plus, the best part is you’ll get that nice, warm and fuzzy feeling that you’re helping to save hounds in need!

It’s really simple to help a hound in need – the easiest way is to donate via Paypal.

Alternatively, you can donate via direct deposit.

Account Name:  Greyhound Rescue Inc
BSB: 012 289
Account No: 524 792 379
Reference: Donation

When you donate via direct deposit, send an email through to Peter and Janet to let them know at

The houndies thank you!

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Photo Submissions for the 2018 Calendar

Call for Photo Submissions for the Greyhound Rescue Australia 2018 Calendar!  Submissions required by Monday 31st July 2017

We would like to get your feedback and photo contributions to produce next years Greyhound Rescue calendar.

We have produced a Greyhound Rescue calendar for the last six years and we would really like to know what you think of what we have done to date.  Please tell us what you like, what you don’t like and any suggestions or ideas you might have.  Should we change it or do you want more of the same?  Please email your feedback to

If you would like to submit any photos we would welcome your contribution.  You can email your photos to or via file transfer solution such as OneDrive, Google Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc.

Please ensure you follow the guidelines below.

Please remember when emailing to ensure your email client does not try to reduce the size of the image.  Many email clients will automatically attempt to do this to reduce the size of the email.  When this happens images are not of sufficient quality to print A4.  To get around this you may be able to either the attach as file or select to keep the original image size.


  • Image Quality – Digital photos only.  The image size and quality needs to be high so when blown up are clear and crisp.  (Please forward pictures at the highest resolution possible.)
  • Image Format – Any format, jpg, raw, tiff.
  • Image Naming – Please Name the photos in the following format, OwnersName_DogsName_x.jpg
  • Images – Maximum of 10.
  • Closing Date – Monday 31st July 2017.
  • Email Client – Original image size.
  • Email Only To –
  • File Transfer – Send details of your file transfer solution (e.g OneDrive, Google Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc)

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Pet of the Week – Marlon

I’m Marlon, named after Marlon Brando and just like my namesake, I’m sure I would look amazing on the silver screen! I was just a baby when I arrived at Greyhound Rescue, I really needed a Director to help me lead the way in life  – the saying goes “all the world’s a stage” after all! I’ve been loving life in foster for 3 months now and in that time I’ve learned loads about what it means to be a pet and have developed into a good mannered and confident hound. I’ve even learned that it’s OK for my humans to leave me at home for a little while and that’s when I catch up on my beauty sleep! I would still prefer a home where I can stretch my legs in your yard – us famous types need to keep in shape, you know!

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Do you know someone in property?

We need help finding a new kennel property to lease, as we must move soon. If you know anyone who could help, please email us –

We do have some specific needs for our property, so read on to find out more.

Peter and Janet
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Upcoming Events

Our volunteers are often out and about in the community – check here for events coming up through the year!

2017 Events

Check back often to see what’s coming in 2017


Saturday 5th – Sunday 6th: Dog Lovers Show Sydney
Royal Hall of Industries and the Hordern Pavillion

More info closer to the event!

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Hi! My name is Gypsy and I’m petite, charming with plenty of personality! I’m what you might call a real ‘velcro dog’, I love sticking close by you and if you give me an ear scratch in just the right place, I’ll reward you with some teeny tiny teeth chatters. That’s how you know you’ve got the right spot!

I like sticking close, but I still like to have a bit of fun. I am quite playful and love a good zoomie now and then so if you have a bit of space for me to stretch my legs, that would be just ‘greyt’! I’m also good with kids if they’re a bit older and good with other dogs.

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Hi I’m Zia,  and I’m just going to tell you right now my best attribute is being the world’s best kisser – just ask our volunteers! I’m highly affectionate and looking for someone that I can smooch up to, so I hope you’re ready to pucker up! Now, I don’t take no for an answer and I am definitely a little bossy paws but don’t hold that against me, I’m a girl that knows what she wants.  I do prefer to be the only dog  – but that means more kisses for you!  Read More »

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Hi there, my name is Rusty and I’m a very timid boy looking for love. I’m looking for a home with somebody special who is patient and will spend time getting to know me and help me blossom into a more confident dog. If you working from home or are retired, that would be ideal for me. I’d much prefer to live in a home that is quiet and relaxed so I can take all time I need to be the confident dog I know I can be. I have passed my cat tolerance test, but those small dogs just aren’t my thing at all. Read More »

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Volunteer of the Month

Margot with Ruby

We’d like to introduce you to Margot, one of our very dedicated volunteers who is our ‘Volunteer of the Month’ for June. 

Our volunteers are the very backbone of what we do at GR. Without them, we could not possibly save and rehome as many greyhounds as we do. While every single one of our volunteers is important no matter how much they do whether hands on with the dogs or behind the scenes, every month we are introducing just one of them to you and acknowledging their amazing efforts. These volunteers have demonstrated exceptional passion, commitment, reliability, and co-operation to make GR what it is, and we thank them tremendously.

We had a chat to Margot about why she loves volunteering with Greyhound Rescue.  Read More »

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Hi there! I’m Arlo and I found my way to Greyhound Rescue not in the best shape. You see, I had a broken leg and it took a little while to heal, which means I’ll need an extra special home to help look after my leg and manage any pain as I get older. I have a little bit of a limp but I do still really enjoy my walks. What does this mean for my forever family? This means I’m classed as a sanctuary dog and Greyhound Rescue will cover any vet expenses for any ongoing issues with my leg for the rest of my life.

All of that aside, I’m the goofiest, cuddliest boy you’ll ever meet! I’m full of personality and my favourite thing in the world is belly rubs… and more belly rubs… I really love belly rubs. I’m also good with kids if they’re a bit older and great with other dogs. Read More »

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Hawkesbury Gazette – Finding greyhounds loving homes

Hawkebury Gazette talks to Greyhound Rescue volunteer Verity Shiner about having greyhounds as pets and how you can help find homes for these ‘low-maintenance lounge lizards’.  Read More »

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