Pet of the Week – Billi

Hi, I’m Billi! I’m an easy going girl who already has a handle on this pet life as I’ve been living in a home for the past three years. I love hanging out in the garden at home and going for walks. I’m happy just to trot along beside you when I’m out and about. A bit of a typical lazy hound, I like to run for 10 minutes then I’m pooped! I do love a good zoomie though – especially after a bath!  While I don’t mind other dogs, I love being the centre of attention, so I’m best as an only dog.  Even though I’m a quiet girl, I will give an excited little bark when my people get home – just saying hi!

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Upcoming Events

Our volunteers are often out and about in the community to spread awareness and raise some much-needed funds for our greyhounds. Check here for events coming up through the year!

2018 Events


Saturday 17: Pupcakes & Slush Puppies at My Pet Warehouse, St Peters!
My Pet Warehouse, 500 Princes Hwy, Unit 4, St Peters
10am – 3pm

Pupcakes and Slush Puppies for hounds and humans, and it is all for a good cause! Come along to My Pet Warehouse in St Peters and join the fun, Sat Feb 17th from 10am-3pm. Thinking of adopting? Meet some of our gorgeous greyhounds and ask our volunteers some questions over a delicious sweet treat.


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Smokey (Greenhound)

Hi, I’m Smokey and I’m rather a special hound… you see, I’m already a Greenhound and already have the pet life down-pat! Unfortunately, my owner couldn’t keep me anymore so that’s how I found myself at Greyhound Rescue. I’m a really friendly girl and I love everyone and everything. I’m great with other dogs – even the small, fluffy ones! Just one thing – you might need to be careful sharing your books with me because I’m, um, quite the avid reader!

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Hi there, I’m Hazel. I’m a pretty and petite little princess who’s looking for a throne… I mean couch… to call my own. I’m super affectionate, touchy-feely kind of girl – I’m definitely ALL about the cuddles. I walk really well on lead because I like to keep close to my people but sometimes, I forget that I’m not a real princess, and I can be a bit bossy with other dogs. I mean, I can’t go around sharing my limelight with anydoggy.  Besides, after you meet me, why would you want to give the royal treatment to anyone else?

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Hi there, they call me Blue… probably because I’ve got my ‘blue steel’ modeling moves down pat! I mean, how could you resist a handsome face like mine? I’m a happy boy that’s always ready for adventure. I absolutely love getting out and about for walks at the kennels, not to mention enjoying a play session with a few zoomies thrown in for good measure. One of my favourite things ever is hanging out with humans and I’m definitely not shy about letting you know that you should be giving me your undivided attention. As an all-around sociable kind of guy, I’ve been very polite to all of the other houndies I’ve met here at the kennels too!

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Hi there, I’m Cashew – and just like a salty snack, you won’t be able to get enough of me! Though I think I’m more of a sweet treat – I’m a happy, friendly girl with a lovely nature and a playful bounce in my step. I adore being around people – what you might call a bit of a ‘velcro’ dog… wherever you go, I won’t be far away. I wouldn’t want to miss out on any extra cuddles! My sweet nature extends to doggos too, I’ve been really friendly with all of the other kennels kids I’ve met so far here at GR HQ.

(P.S. You might be wondering where one of my ears is, but I can assure you that I do come with a matching pair – in true Greyhound style, I just like to listen the lazy way!)

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Nine of our best boredom-busters for dogs!

It’s that time of year again – you’re headed back to work and the furbaby who has received endless pats and attention over the holiday break faces hours of alone time at home.

While we always advise against dogs spending long stretches of time alone, sometimes it ‘s just unavoidable, and for some, this means one thing: boredom.

Greyhounds are generally relaxed by nature, with many happy to snore the day away, but all dogs, greys included, can get bored, resulting in behaviour such as pining, barking or chewing the remote control. Keeping them occupied during their alone time is just as important as cuddling them on the couch when you get home.

There are a large number of reasons of reasons why we want to avoid boredom in our pets.  According to Pet Care Consultant Liz Walden, avoiding boredom ‘helps cut down on a pet’s destructive tendencies. Any dog has a natural interest in keeping itself active and entertained, and if it doesn’t have a constructive outlet such as going for walks or playing with toys, it may act out by digging holes, tearing up furniture when inside, or trying to escape its yard (which can be dangerous in and of itself).

‘Training can assist in curbing these tendencies in most dogs, but making sure they have a healthy outlet for their boredom is the best way to keep them happy and safe.’

So what can you do to keep your dog busy while you’re out working hard to keep them in kibble? Here are nine great boredom busters to try now. Whatever you choose, always ensure you have plenty of fresh drinking water available, too. Read More »

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Hi there! I’m Tiny Tim – well, really it’s officially Timmy, they just call me that because I’m a rather petite little guy. That’s OK though – who says size matters? It just means I’ll be able to fit on your couch that much more easily!

I’m a timid boy and so will need an extra-special home, please, with people who will take the time to carefully and gently bring me out of my shell.

This big wide world is so new to me so I can be a little shy to begin with. I like to take my time to get used to new situations and people, but once I get to know you I’m really very sweet. So far I’ve been getting on greyt with the other greyhounds I meet – but I am probably better off being the only dog in your happy home. More pats for me, right?

I haven’t met any kids yet but they should be OK too as long as they’re a little bit older and understand I may need some time and space to get used to this business of being a pet.

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Annie (on trial)

Hi, I’m Annie and even though I’m a petite little girl, what I lack in size, I make up for in personality! I’m a fun loving girl, the life of the party. I absolutely love spending time with people, so you know there will always be an extra big smile and cuddle to greet you when you get home. What I’m looking for is a home with loads of toys to play with and maybe a backyard to stretch my legs with a zoomie or two. Being the fun-loving girl I am, I’m happy to have a playmate and have been greyt with all of the other hounds I’ve met here at the kennels.

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Zeussi (on trial)

Hi, I’m Zeussi… kind of like Zeus but the extra ‘I’ is for… IRRESISTIBLE! I’m a handsome big boy with a larger than life personality to match! I enjoy the simple pleasures in life –  snoozing, snacking, squeaky toys, and taste testing. Did I mention food? Just in case you missed it I LOVE food! I’ve been good with the other greyhounds I’ve met so far, but I definitely prefer the company of the lady-hounds.

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Macarthur Chronicle – Charity Greyhound Rescue race into Camden

Dozens of forgotten greyhound heroes have raced into Camden, with charity organisation Greyhound Rescue finding a new home in the region’s rural outskirts.

Stretching across a spacious five acres with space for close to 50 greyhounds, Greyhound Rescue secretary Sue Bradshaw said the new home will allow the charity to rescue more greyhounds than ever before.

“We’ve moved to a new location near Camden. We’ll be able to rescue a greater number of greyhounds,” she said.

“We found five possible locations and we decided Camden was the best fit. We have plenty of area in our new home and we have inherited an old animal maintenance facility so it is great.”

The gentle, low maintenance greyhound is perfect as a family pet, described as beautiful, affectionate and loving.

“They make great pets for all ages,” said Ms Bradshaw. “They are 70-km per hour couch potatoes. They need only a 20 minute walk each day, unlike most other dogs, but will enjoy more. They have no doggie smell, shed little hair and seldom bark.”

Ms Bradshaw said the charity is searching for volunteers to assist the rescue effort.

“To care for the dogs each day is a big team effort by our marvellous volunteers,” she said. “The work includes cleaning, feeding, walking, washing, brushing, pooper-scooping, bucket filling, grass cutting, repairing, and maintenance.

“Volunteers feel a special sense of self-worth as they are doing something great with similar-minded people and working with beautiful animals.”


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