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Toby – ‘Pet of the Week’

Male – 2yrs – In foster (Canberra-based).

Tell us about yourself, Toby.

“I have a tail that wags all the time, like ALL the time in a circle like a helicopter. I love walks, cuddles, food (*drools), roaching, playing with my greyhound siblings and investigating all the new sights and sounds of a house with children and parrots. I have learnt stairs, wait, walks, where I eat my dinner and go potty all in under a fortnight so my foster mum says I’m pretty smart.”

What is your ideal home like?
I suit experienced greyhound owners.
Kids are cool (my foster home has 3 kids aged 1-12)
I need dog friends (med-lge breed at this stage, thanks)!
I haven’t had any cat dates yet…

I want to know more about you, Toby!
Cool, please contact my Canberra assistant, Cindy 0420 341 693 or email info@greyhoundrescue.com.au

(thanks to Gabi for this wonderful profile)

Toby is:

  • 2 years old
  • desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • adoption costs $300 ($350 after August 1st 2014)
  • located in Canberra
  • not yet cat tested
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Retirement Lifestyle & Travel Expo

Susannah 5

 Susannah here (a retired senior herself at 10 years old) would like to tell you that this year GR is attending the Retirement Lifestyle and Travel Expo held on 25th, 26th, and 27th of July at Rosehill Racecourse! Aimed at the over 40′s for people who are planning their retirement or who are already retired, this is a greyt opportunity for us to show that greyhounds make wonderful companions for older people.

We will have our volunteers (and maybe a hound or two for you to meet and pat!) from 10am – 4pm over the three days and we would love you to come down and see us to have a chat.

There is free parking at the venue as well as a shuttle bus service running from Parramatta Station.

For more details about what else is happening over the three days please visit www.emsaust.com.au

We hope to see you there!

retirement Expo

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Greyhound Rescue is running the City to Surf!


Greyhound Rescue has a team of racers running (or walking) the Sydney City to Surf August 10 2014 called ‘The Greyhound Rescue Racers’!

To support our team members:

- Kirsty
- Shelley
- Corrina
- Jennifer
- Rachel
- Chloe
- Ed
- Fiona
- Kate
- Pinel
- Tricia &
- Tricia

…we would love to help promote them and their efforts to raise money for our greyhounds.

Please visit their team page here: https://city2surf2014.everydayhero.com/au/the-greyhound-rescue-racers/members and click ‘give now’ to donate to one or more of our team members.

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Adoption Fee Increase from August 1st


Costs at Greyhound Rescue have continued to increase of late. We are homing more dogs than ever before but this means that we also have more expenses too! There are transport costs, vet fees, kenneling, food, flea and worm treatments… it all adds up. We have held off increasing our adoption fee for as long as possible, but despite everybody’s support, sponsorship, and generous donations we need to make an increase to help us recover a bit more of our costs for each dog.

This adoption fee does not cover all the expenses to us of re-homing these beautiful dogs, but it certainly helps.  As you are aware we are a not for profit charity and receive no funding. We rely solely on donations so every dollar counts. The simple fact is if we don’t try and cover our costs as much as possible we cannot save more dogs.  Starting from August 1st 2014 all adult dogs starting their trials on and after this date will have an adoption fee increase from $300 to $350. We feel that this is a reasonable increase, and  a small price to pay in exchange for a loving forever companion!

To to all our  adopters and sponsors we thank you for all your support and understanding.

The Team at Greyhound Rescue.

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The Greys Matter Newsletter – Issue 6

Welcome to your sixth issue, catch-up on the latest news from Greyhound Rescue and find out how the ‘Gone are the Dogs’ rally in Sydney went.  Read about Delta Therapy dogs and we cover some behavioural topics including Abbey’s Journal and an article by our behaviour and training consultant Bobby McLachlan.

The Greys Matter - Issue 6

The Greys Matter – Issue 6


A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to this edition. Please keep your articles and stories coming in. Write to me at joeturton@outlook.com.

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Monthly Market Stall at the North Sydney Markets

Nora and Ed run the market stall the second Saturday of every month between 9AM to 3PM raising awareness and funds for Greyhound Rescue. We will always have  greyhounds there for cuddles, some up for adoption and some just visiting with their owners. For sale are the GR calendars, greyhound orientated jewellery plus other hand crafted jewellery, hand made cards, general bric-a-brac donated to us. Come along to buy new items, vintage items and for your greyhound cuddles!

Visit: http://www.northsydney.nsw.gov.au/Recreation_Facilities/Markets/North_Sydney_Market for more details.

Market dates are:

- March 8th
- April 12th
- May 10th
- June 14th
- July 12th
- August 9th

If you wish to donate items for us to sell please contact Nora 0404793707 or nora@dieppedesign.com

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The Greys Matter Newsletter – Issue 5

Welcome to this issue of ‘The Greys Matter’.  We have lots of news and plenty of interesting letters and articles.  You can hear about big Bob and Millie’s new home.  You can also check out how the greys in Canberra have been meeting up.  And have you considered that veganism for your hounds really is a viable alternative, the benefits and why.

The Greys Matter – Issue 5

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to this edition.  Please keep your letters and stories coming in. Write to me at joeturton@outlook.com.

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When is a greyhound not quite a greyhound? When she is a greyhound/wolfhound cross! ? Gorgeous Libby is a recent save from Canberra pound and what a wonderful save it is! As crosses go, she’s pretty perfect; she is smallish (about the same size as an average female grey) and has all of those greyhound qualities we know and love (being lazy, roaching, beautiful manners, affectionate) but has the gorgeous fuzzy face of a wolfhound and because she’s a cross won’t ever need a muzzle. Libby is house-trained, sleeps quietly through the night, walks beautifully on lead and loves dogs, kids and everyone she meets. We think Libby is particularly suited to a home with children – she’s so lovely and gentle. Libby has been known to jump fences in her previous life – so high, secure fences or better still, an at-home-all-day owner would be just what Libby needs.
She is currently quite underweight and her foster carers are working to get her weight up, which hopefully won’t take long. Let’s hope the next chapter of this girl’s life is a little happier than her past chapter – we are sure it will be!

Libby is:

  • About four years old
  • Desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • Not tested with cats
  • Located in Canberra
  • Adoption cost: $350

Please contact : info@greyhoundrescue.com.au or gibbons@iinet.net.au 

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Easily pleased, Lilly simply longs for love.  She appears to be in good condition. Lilly is rather small in size, with a beautiful white coat displaying black spotted markings.  An attractive dog, she has both good looks and a loving nature in her favour.  She is gentle, placid, and quiet .  This beautiful dog will make an ideal companion for a family who is looking for a gentle natured dog to join their family, their home and their lives.  She is an absolute delight.
If you are interested in Lilly please get in touch with us info@greyhoundrescue.com.au
Lilly is:
  • Age TBC
  • desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • adoption costs $300 ($350 from August 1st 2014)
  • located in Canberra
  • not cat tested yet
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Tiffany (Cat Friendly)

Thanks Laura for kindly sponsoring Tiffany.


Tiffany is a small black beauty with a white collar. Quite the stunner Tiffany is the sort that looks like she should be wearing diamonds from her namesake Tiffany & Co, and reclining on a red velvet sofa. At only 15 months she is still just a baby, and as a failed racer she just beams joy at her good fortune to come to us at GR! She has a glossy coat and bright eyes, is playful, and good with children over 5. She would love a forever family that will spend lots of time with her and teach her about the beauty of being a pet.  If you think Tiffany would be the crowning jewel on your sofa either for a foster or forever home, or have any questions,  please contact us directly info@greyhoundrescue.com.au.

Tiffany is:

  • 15 months old
  • desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • adoption costs $300 ($350 from August 1st 2014)
  • located in Sydney
  • cat friendly


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Brocky is being sponsored by Mali Luty.

Brocky arrived with his brothers Oscar and Murphy and is the most vocal of the three. You can’t possibly go past without saying hello or he will tell you that you’ve forgotten! If somedoggy else is getting some love you had better trot over to Brocky to do the same quick smart! A bit of an attention seeker and show off Brocky would like to think of himself as a bit of a celebrity and would like to be pampered as such thank you very much.  unfortunately he did not pass his second cat test but don’t let that deter you – with his unusual mostly white colouring and only a little black he is quite the catch. It’s a tough job (sigh!) but if  you think you can adore Brocky and you’re pampering skills are up to scratch we would love to hear from you. If you have any questions about Brocky please contact us directly and not in the comments below so we can respond as quickly as possible: info@greyhoundrescue.com.au

  • DOB: approximately March 2012
  • Desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heart worm tested and treated
  • Not cat friendly
  • Located in Sydney
  • Adoption cost: $300 ($350 from August 1st 2014)

Please contact:


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Sonny (Cat Friendly)

Sonny is a gorgeous boy that we have been asked to list with our kennel kiddos on behalf of Renee to give him the best chance of finding his forever home. If you are interested in Sonny please get in touch with her directly (details below).
Sonny is a very active, happy and affectionate puppy. He does not like to be left on his own for long periods of time and will let you know this vocally. He loves company and would suit a home where someone is home a lot or a doggy friend would be there to keep him company. He is ok with cats if they are ok with him. He gets along well with all dogs & is great with young kids. Sonny has been an indoor/outdoor dog but does prefer to be warm laying on the lounge.
Sonny has a pre-existing hind leg injury which the vet said is not hindering him in any way and will not require any ongoing vet treatment. He limps on this leg from time to time but can run on the leg just fine.
If you are interested in Sonny or have any questions about him please contact Renee  directly and not in the comments below as he is not in our care.  0412 506 603 or email reneelouisecoombs@hotmail.com
Sonny is:
  • 10 months old  (DOB 13/8/13)
  • desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • adoption costs $300 ($350 from August 1st 2014)
  • located in Sydney
  • cat friendly
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