Christmas Kindness Calendar

Nov 26, 2023 | Events

The holiday season is a time of joy, giving, and spreading kindness. What if this year, we could extend that spirit to our four-legged friends in need? Enter the Christmas Kindness Calendar for Animal Rescue, a unique way to celebrate the season while making a positive impact on the lives of animals awaiting their forever homes. This calendar is a daily guide to small acts of kindness that can collectively make a big difference in supporting animal rescue efforts. Join us from December 1 to Christmas Eve in this heartwarming journey and share your moments of kindness on social media using the hashtag #GRKindnessCalendar, tagging Greyhound Rescue.

Greyhound Rescue Christmas Kindness Calendar

Day 1: Share this Kindness Calendar with 5 Friends
Spread the joy of giving by sharing this Christmas Kindness Calendar with five friends. Encourage them to join you on this heartwarming journey of making a difference for animals in need.

Day 2: What Does Your Local Rescue Need? Start a Collection!
Take the initiative to find out what your local animal rescue needs. Whether it’s blankets, food, or toys, start a collection to provide these essential items and make the holiday season brighter for shelter animals. Be sure to check that you’re collecting an item that they actually need, and make sure you have a plan to get it to them.

Day 3: Follow 5 Animal Rescues on Socials
Connect with the incredible work being done by animal rescues. Follow five of your favorite rescue organisations on social media to stay informed about their efforts and share their impactful stories with your network. Many animal rescues rely on social media to reach potential adopters and volunteers, it’s easy to help by following and sharing posts.

Day 4: Skip Your Coffee and Donate $5 to a Rescue
Forego your daily cup of coffee and channel that money towards a greater cause. Donate $5 to an animal rescue, making a small sacrifice for the well-being of animals awaiting loving homes. Ask your friends and colleagues to join you! If you can;t go without your daily cup, maybe do a quick whiparound the workplace and see whether your colleagues want to add to your $5 to make a bigger impact, or maybe bake a batch of cookies and ask for a donation in return.

Day 5: Sign Up to Volunteer at a Rescue Shelter
Take your commitment to the next level by signing up to volunteer at a local rescue shelter. Your time and effort can make a significant impact on the lives of animals in need. If you’re interested in volunteering with Greyhound Rescue then you can find out more here.

Day 6: Share a Photo of an adoptable animal
Amplify the adorable faces of rescue pets by sharing a photo on your social media. By putting a spotlight on these lovable companions, you contribute to their visibility and increase their chances of finding forever homes, you never know – you sharing their profile might lead to their adoption!

Day 7: Join the Mailing List of Your Favorite Animal Charities
Stay updated on the latest news and events from your favorite animal charities. Join their mailing lists to receive valuable information about their work and discover new ways to support their missions. You can sign up to the Greyhound Rescue mailing list here.

Day 8: Send an Animal Greeting Card to a Friend
Spread holiday cheer and raise awareness simultaneously by sending an animal-themed greeting card to a friend. Include a note about the Christmas Kindness Calendar, inspiring others to join the cause. Our amazing Christmas cards are available in our online shop, and all money raised goes towards our rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming efforts.

Day 9: Share the ‘Donate’ Link to Your Favorite Animal Charity
Make it easy for your friends and family to contribute by sharing the ‘donate‘ link of your favorite animal charity. Your simple action can lead to meaningful support for their crucial work.

Day 10: Write to Your Local MP About an Animal Rights Issue
Advocate for change by writing to your local Member of Parliament about an animal rights issue close to your heart. Your voice can make a difference in shaping policies that protect the welfare of animals. If you’re in NSW you can find a list here.

Day 11: Fill Your Christmas Stockings with Animal Rescue Merch!
Infuse your holiday decorations with a touch of compassion. Fill your Christmas stockings with merchandise from animal rescue organisations, supporting their cause while celebrating the festive season. Visit our online store to find some paw-some merch!

Day 12: Light a Candle in Memory of an Animal Who Has Passed
Take a moment to honor and remember animals who have left paw prints on our hearts. Light a candle in their memory, reflecting on the love and joy they brought into the world.

Day 13: Post an Animal Rescue Story on Socials
Share the incredible impact of animal rescue by posting a heartwarming story on your social media. You can share you own rescue pet’s story, or seek out a story from an animal rescue, many post their stories on their blog. By creating awareness, you inspire others to get involved and make a positive change.

Day 14: Sign Up to an Animal Sponsorship Program
Commit to the long-term well-being of an animal by signing up for an animal sponsorship program. Your ongoing support can provide essential care for a rescue pet. Greyhound Rescue’s Help A Hound program helps us to give our hounds the best possible start in their new lives, you can sign up from just 50c a day and make a real difference.

Day 15: Start a Conversation About Animal Rescue
Initiate meaningful conversations about animal rescue with friends, family, or colleagues. Share your passion and knowledge to raise awareness and inspire others to join the cause.

Day 16: Share an Inspiring Animal Rescue Account
Amplify the impact of dedicated individuals or organisations working in animal rescue. Use social media to share the account of an inspiring rescue journey, encouraging others to follow and support their efforts.

Day 17: Pat a Rescue Animal and Share a Pic
Spend time with a rescue animal, and share the joy by posting a picture on social media. Your positive experience can encourage others to consider adoption! Whether it’s your own pet, a friend or family member’s, or a dog you meet on the street, and bonus points if it is a greyhound!

Day 18: Tag Your 3 Favorite Animal Charities in a Post on Socials
Give a shoutout to your top three favorite animal charities. Tag them in a post on social media to amplify their reach and encourage others to support their vital work. You can find Greyhound Rescue on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Threads, X, and TikTok.

Day 19: Share a Blog Post from an Animal Rescue
Support the educational efforts of animal rescues by sharing an informative blog post on your social media. Spark conversations about animal welfare and encourage your network to learn more. We have a wealth of information and feel-good stories here on our blog.

Day 20: Leave 5 Comments on Socials Posts by Animal Rescue Groups
Engage with the content shared by animal rescue groups. Leave positive comments, expressing your support and appreciation for their dedication to improving the lives of animals.

Day 21: Replace a Product in Your House with a Cruelty-Free Alternative
Take a step towards cruelty-free living by replacing one household product with a cruelty-free alternative. Share your choice on social media, inspiring others to make compassionate decisions.

Day 22: Buy a Toy for a Shelter Animal
Spread holiday joy to shelter animals by purchasing toys for them. Donate the toys to your local animal shelter, bringing happiness to animals awaiting their forever homes. You can buy a toy for our Kennel Kids here.

Day 23: Make a Personal Resolution to Help Animal Rescue in Your Way
Reflect on your journey through the Christmas Kindness Calendar and make a personal resolution to continue supporting animal rescue in your unique way beyond the holiday season.

Day 24: Contact a Charity & Acknowledge Their Hard Work
Express gratitude to a charity of your choice by reaching out to them directly. Acknowledge their hard work and dedication, letting them know that their efforts are valued and appreciated.

The Christmas Kindness Calendar for Animal Rescue is more than just a countdown to Christmas; it’s a daily opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of animals in need. By participating in small acts of kindness and sharing them with the world, you contribute to a collective wave of compassion that can make a significant difference. Join us in spreading love, joy, and support for Greyhound Rescue this holiday season, and let’s make it a December to remember for our furry friends. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #GRKindnessCalendar and tag Greyhound Rescue in your posts – together, we can make a paw-sitive change!

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