Keeping Your Hound Cool in Summer Heat

Nov 27, 2023 | Greyhound care

When the temperatures start to climb, it’s important to remember that furry family members feel the heat even more than we do. This is especially true for our beloved greyhounds, who are particularly susceptible to high temperatures. What is merely uncomfortable for us can be life-threatening for them.  

Here are some great cooling techniques that will be essential during the warm weather.

If it’s hot or humid, leave your hound at home! 

Experts recommend you don’t walk your dog in temperatures over 25 degrees. With greyhounds especially prone to overheating, this is an important guideline to heed. Head out early or late in the day, and remember to test your hand before heading out (whether it’s the footpath, asphalt or even sand). If you can’t hold it for 5 seconds, it’s too hot for your hound.

Know the signs of heat stroke 

It’s important to beware of the signs of heat stroke and seek veterinary help immediately if you suspect something is wrong. Unfortunately, heat stroke often isn’t noticed until dogs are well and truly in the danger zone. Warning signs include constant panting, rapid heart rate, pale gums, a red tongue, vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness, confusion, seizures and collapse.

Never leave your hound in a hot car

Temperatures in a car can reach dangerous levels in a matter of minutes. In just six minutes in a car the results can be disastrous for your pooch, so please don’t do it!

Hound in clam shell pool

Dust off the kiddie pool 

Those clam-shell sandpits aren’t just for kids! They make brilliant paddling pools that are tough enough to withstand dog claws. You can throw in some chew toys to add to the fun, or just sit back and let your best friend soak.

With all of the water play options outlined in this list, please be sure to thoroughly dry your dog afterwards, as their wet coat traps heat.

Keep the water coming

Make sure your houndies always have access to clean, cold water. Pop in a couple of ice cubes to keep it extra cool! Dehydrated dogs are also at higher risk of heat stroke.

Chill out indoors

We strongly recommend bringing your hound inside during the heat of the day, chilling in front of the air con or underneath the fans. And while we realise not everyone has aircon, or perhaps your houndie may not want to be inside all day, the safest option for them is to limit the time spent outside in the sun. 

Hound at the beach

Hit the waves

Dog-friendly beaches are a summertime paradise! Once your salty pooch has dog-paddled, stick-collected and butt-sniffed to their heart’s content, why not let your hound feel the sand between their paws on a short stroll to dry off?

Avoid the hottest part of the day as sand can be especially hot and burn your hounds’ feet.

Find out about Sydney’s best dog beaches and hidden gems.

Cooling mats 

These days, there are plenty of cooling mats for your pooch on the market, and their beauty is in their simplicity. Simply pop it on the floor, encourage your hound to lie on it with some positive reinforcement, and they can enjoy the cooling benefits. If your dog chews or starts to destroy the mat, discard before they can ingest anything. 

Pop a popsicle

There’s nothing better than an ice cream when the mercury’s rising, right? So why not let your houndie chill with a doggy-safe treat from the freezer? There are many delicious recipes for home-made pupsicles. Get your free pupsicle recipe book here!

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