Once again we are putting out the call for foster carers in the greater Sydney area for our rescued greyhounds. By going into foster care not only do the dogs have a better life, they learn how to be better happier pets. Some may never have used stairs, heard vacuum cleaners, slept inside on a comfy bed, seen glass doors, had to go out to pee, been given guidance on “good dog manners”…the list goes on.

At present our kennels are full as we have had


If you are able to become one of our foster carers we would be truly grateful. Foster carers really only need 2 main things- the time to give a greyhound some real love and attention (walks, cuddles, good food, comfy bed) and a secure house/yard. If you already have other pets or kids (or not) that’s OK- we can choose a greyhound that will suit your household, if we don’t have a suitable one right now it won’t be long til we do! Please contact us urgently Peter 0412 562 104 or peter@greyhoundrescue.com.au.

Help Us Help Them.



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An amazing $7000 raised for Boots’ operation

On Australia Day, Saturday 26 January, we posted the below story about Boots on this website and also our Facebook page. Well the donation tally began to rise  immediately with an incredible number of people donating to help with the operation. There were a few people on Facebook suggesting it was not worth it- that it was better for Boots to be euthanaised.  We found those suggestions upsetting as our policy has and always will be no-kill unless the dog is suffering and there is no other option. Many of our supporters jumped behind us which was comforting.

24 hours into the campaign over $3000 had already been donated and by Wednesday $4800. Several people donated huge amounts- $1000 each from two parties, as well as $500 from another. Whether big or small it all counted and on Thursday we had $6000 in the kitty. Last night (Friday), not quite a week since the Boots campaign began, Peter advised the committee that a staggering $7176.00 had been donated. Enough to cover the operation, the post operative care and even help with another hound’s toe amputation!

Greyhound Rescue is truly humbled by this amazing show of community support and will be forever grateful. Boots operation will take place next week and we will update you on his progress. Once he has recovered he will be looking for a forever human family. I think you can be sure that Boots will always be a very lucky and loved hound.

Thank you all so very much,

Peter and Janet Flann and the Greyhound Rescue committee and volunteers



This is Boots. He is the most gorgeous two year old who was saved by some kind hearted vet nurses who could not bear to see him put down for no reason. Unfortunately, although Boots has had a second chance at life, he still has a big struggle ahead and we are calling on some help, any help, by way of donations to help cover what will be a very hefty vet bill.

You see from X-rays it would appear that Boots had an injury to his hip as a puppy- a fracture that was never treated (no surprise there- clearly this is why he was thrown away). This injury has interfered with the growth plate and as a result Boot’s two thigh bones are 4cm different in length- which has caused extra stress on his hip. As a result of this his hip is worn out and he needs a replacement. Remember, poor old Boots is only two and a half years old.

Our very kind orthopaedic vet has knocked $500 off the cost of this operation for us and did not charge for the consultation. But we still need to find $6500. Of course there is a cheaper option where they just cut off the head of the femur, which seems to work with little dogs, but it does not sound like a good option for Boots- and in that situation if the operation did not work, amputation is then the only option.

Boots will need 6 weeks recovery, basically in a cage, and we see little option but that he does that with Peter and Janet at home. One of our amazing volunteers Verity has pledged $1000 to start the ball rolling.

I guess we feel like we are always asking for your hard earned money- but as you know we get no funding from the government that supports greyhound racing and the bills just keep on coming. We are not willing to euthanize an otherwise perfectly healthy young greyhound.

If you think you can help us, we would be so “greytful” and so would Boots!

Olimometer 2.52

Any donation can be made into our bank account and use the reference “BOOTS OP”. Please include your name so we can thank you!

The bank account details are:

AccountName: Greyhound Rescue Inc
BSB: 012289
Account No: 524792379

Or you can donate via PayPal:  

Why do we think it’s worth doing? Because we think Boots was made for walking, not hopping, that’s why!

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A Tribute to Britney

Britney and Princess were our first two greyhounds in Australia and both came to us in 2005.

Unfortunately Britney joined Princess ‘Over the Rainbow Bridge’ this Xmas, she would have been 13 years old in February.

As you can see from the photographs Britney in her prime had the most beautiful and striking dark blue coat, loved to collect things(shoes in this case), was a pickle at times with that ‘what me?’ look when caught having destroyed her bed!!

Britney was a real character but we loved her lots, like all of them, and it was a privilege to have had her as a pet.

Rest in Peace, Britney.

Lots of love

Peter and Janet



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Happy Xmas

From everyone at Greyhound Rescue to everyone who has adopted a greyhound, donated, helped in one of many ways or just followed the amazing story of the greyhounds on our website.

It has been a wonderful year and we wish you all:


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Last events for 2012

Santa is on his way! Come down and support the hounds while you shop at Bunnings:

SUNDAY 23 DECEMBER- Bunnings Parramatta sausage sizzle- hosted by Matthew and his new adopted hound Tess

MONDAY 24 DECEMBER – Gift wrapping courtesy of Nora and Ed at Bunnings Belrose

SUNDAY 30 DECEMBER – Bunnings Belrose sausage sizzle. Meet the hounds and stock up on stuff for your New Year celebrations!

Hope to see you there- all proceeds to Greyhound Rescue. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Thank you for all your support this year.

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Annual PP Benefit Night raises $2500

Pure Platinum hosted their annual fund raiser for Greyhound Rescue and the RSPCA on Thursday 22nd November and once again it was a greyt success!

This year it raised an amazing $2500 for Greyhound Rescue, which will go a long way towards a much needed new vehicle!

This was the fourth year PP have organised this event for us and we thank Rob and his colleagues who assist most sincerely for their time and effort to help us. It is always an enjoyable and fun evening for both boys and girls and we look forward to the next one.

PP Benefit Night Supporting Greyhound Rescue and RSPCA


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Run for the Greys! Can you help Sue raise $1000 for Greyhound Rescue?

Sue Bradshaw is one of our volunteers and she has recently committed to run for the greys! Please sponsor her run or donate – it all goes to Greyhound Rescue to help us buy a new wagon to replace our tragic old one with 300,000 on the dial! Having committed to raise $700 she has already surpassed that so now has her eye on $1000! This link will take you to her fundraising page. Every dollar with help! Thank you Sue and all that donate to help the beautiful greys!

Please use this link to access Sue’s fundraising page. http://makingadifference.gofundraise.com.au/page/BradshawS


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Last Saturday we had to compete with Halloween Parties and so numbers were down a bit but the faithful few dug deep to raise $2750 and had a very enjoyable evening in the process, with the winning table taking home a case of good quality wines.

The inimitable Portia Turbo was in great form, looking very young in her outfit for the evening (pictured here, photo courtesy of Ann Marie). Greyhound Rescue would particularly like to thank Portia for her continuing support for the greyhounds, helping us to raise approx $9000 throughout 2012 as well as fostering one of our greyhounds, Snowy, the best trained greyhound in Sydney!!

Prizes were donated by Virgin wines, Cumulus wines, Blue Tongue Brewery, Jenny Winsor, Helene Ruma, Les and Janine, Jenny Nappa, Sheridan, Bella Mowbray and Portia. Thank you all.


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Help please for a transport vehicle!!


Our current form of transport is an ageing 1995 vehicle with 332,000 km on the clock.

Yesterday IT BROKE DOWN AGAIN and we will be without transport for a few days.

We have had $5000 donated towards a new vehicle but need more than that.

We urgently need either MORE DONATIONS towards a new vehicle or a CAR FIRM WILLING TO DONATE A NEW OR USED VEHICLE. In either case we are a fully registered charity  and donations are fully tax deductible and we can put advertising on a donated vehicle.



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Weekend stalls a “Greyt” success!

A huge thank you to wonderful volunteers Verity and her husband Aaron, and Rachel (Oscar and Jen’s new mum) who raised $460 at their stall at Paws in the park Camden last Sunday. It was great to see adopted hounds Greyam (formerly Jazz), and Pip and their mums as well as foster mum Rhianna with foster boy Bones and her hound Chief (so well named!).  Choco is looking for a forever home and did a great job working the crowd.

Mosman Pet’s Day Out was a little more quiet but still plenty of visitors and interest. In fact Barney went home with Anna and family!

Thank you to everyone that helped get the word out that greys make greyt pets. We welcome all ideas for fund and awareness raising, do get in touch if you have any ideas.

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