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Jordy (homed)

Hi, I’m Jordy! I’m a big loveable guy with a BIG loveable personality! I’m a goofy athletic type looking for someone who likes to zoom about as much as I do. I loooove toys, showing off, having fun, and any bit of excitement really. I’d best be suited to a home without anything small and […]

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Burger (homed)

Hi there, I’m Burger! Yes, that’s right, the name’s Burger! I hear lots of people talking about where to get the best Burger – it’s at Greyhound Rescue of course! As you would expect, with a name like mine – I’m a fun-loving dude who just adores my toys and getting lots of attention from the […]

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Elvis (homed)

Hi there, I’m Elvis and I’ve been busy styling my ‘Elvis quiff’ so I can keep one ear out for my forever home! I’m a fun-loving kind of guy, when I’m not asking for a good scratch behind the ear, you’ll find me running around with a toy. Obviously, I like the company of other […]

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Shelby (homed)

Hello! I’m Shelby and I’m a fun-loving girl with plenty of personality! I’m a bit of a fitness enthusiast, who’s always excited to get out and about. I would love a home with loads of toys to play with and a backyard to stretch my legs so I can do a zoomie or two. I’d […]

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Mango (homed)

Hello! I’m Mango and I’m every bit as sweet as everyone’s favourite summer treat! Someone said I was a bit of a princess (rude!) because I love being the centre of attention, and I’m not really big on sharing my toys and treats (can you blame me?), so a family without other pets would be […]

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Clifford (homed)

Hi, I’m Clifford! I’m an extra special boy looking for an extra special home. I wasn’t in the best condition when I arrived here at GR, and I had to have lots of my teefs removed because they were causing me lots of pain. I’m all healed up now, but I’ll a family that can […]

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Winnie (homed)

Hi there, I’m Winnie and although I can be a little shy at first I’m getting used to all this love and attention from the volunteers! I definitely won’t say no to a good ear scratch if you’re offering. I get along with most other friendly big dogs – but I especially love the company […]

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Valerie (homed)

Hello! I’m Valerie. I’m sweet, playful little girl  – if you can throw a tennis ball for me you’ll have a friend for life! When I’m not chasing balls around, you won’t find me too far away from the nearest humans to ask for a good ear scratch! When it comes to the company of […]

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Selina (homed)

Hi, I’m Selina. I might be teeny tiny girl, but I’ve got an extra big heart! I can be a wee little bit shy around new things, but let me tell you – it doesn’t take me long to work out what all the good things in life are.  I’m a sweet and playful little […]

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R.B. – ‘Red Bandanna’ (homed)

Hi there! I’m Red Bandanna or R.B. for short. They tell me I’ve been named after a man who wears a red bandana, that writes a lot of important things to help hounds like me that need a home… I don’t know who this man is, but he sounds just greyt to me! I’m a […]

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