What to Buy For The Arrival of Your New Hound

Jan 9, 2024 | Adoption, Greyhound care

Submitted your adoption application and keenly awaiting the day you get to meet your Kennel Kid? There are a few items you’ll want to have prepared before the exciting day arrives. To make the transition for you and your hound as smooth as possible, we have put together a list of items you will need.

The good news is that you can buy most of the below at the Greyhound Rescue shop when you come for your meet and greet! You’ll also be provided with a collar and lead when you adopt a hound with us. If you’d like to prepare ahead of time, you can visit our online shop by clicking here.

A Comfy Bed
A hound’s bed is their castle! It’s important that they have a safe space that they know is theirs and that they want to spend time in. Some good cushioning for hounds to rest any of their achy spots is also important. With so many beds available it can be hard to choose, so we’ve collated some articles for you here.

Slow Feeding Bowl
Many of our beloved greyhounds tend to gulp their food, which can increase their risk of bloat, an incredibly dangerous and life-threatening condition. Slow feeding bowls help to slow your hound down when eating, stopping them from inhaling their food and ensuring they aren’t swallowing too much air, lessening the risk. Shop here.

Water Bowls 
We recommend having two! 

A Good Quality Lead
Ensure you have a good quality lead for walking your hound. Never use a retractable lead with a greyhound. Shop here.

Enrichment Games
Enrichment activities are an important part of keeping dogs healthy and happy. Giving your hound activities that challenge their minds, exercise their bodies, and stimulate their senses can help reduce stress, improve behaviour, and increase their overall wellbeing. Enrichment activities can range from providing stimulating toys and puzzle feeders to interactive games and obedience training. You can find some great ideas here, some options available for purchase in our shop, and there are also plenty of ideas you can create for free with everyday items you would have at home. Shop here.

Coat for Colder Weather
In the cooler weather you will need to help keep your greyhound warm and comfortable. As a general rule, if you need a jumper or long sleeves to stay warm, your greyhound will too. You will require a thick chest-piece coat for winter and lighter PJs, jumpers or tees for in-between seasons. A raincoat is also a suggested garment to make it more comfortable when you need to walk your greyhound in the rain. Some of our favourites include HoundTees, Looking Greyt, and Annies Coats, but a quick search of our Facebook group and you’ll find oodles more!

Flea & Worming Tablets
Your hound is due to be treated on the first of the month. At Greyhound Rescue we use Simparica Trio, which is an “All-in-one” treatment. You can purchase Simparica Trio in our online store. Shop here.

Have some treats ready from day one. These are vital in training your hound and encouraging them to feel comfortable in their new space. Shop here.

Grooming Supplies
You’ll need some grooming supplies to keep your hound happy and healthy, with a sleek coat. You can find some more information on grooming your grey here. You’ll need a brush, nail trimmers (clippers or a grinder depending on what your hound tolerates best), and while a bath isn’t recommended until they are properly settled in, it’s a good idea to have some shampoo and conditioner on hand. Shop here.

A Martingale Collar
You’ll also need a Martingale Collar – due to the unique shape of a greyhounds neck and head, they can easily slip a conventional collar. A martingale collar will keep them safe on lead when fitted correctly. We’ll send your hound home with their very own Greyhound Rescue martingale collar, or you can purchase one during your Meet and Great at Greysland or in our online shop. Be sure to ask your adoption coordinator how to fit one if you aren’t sure. Shop here.

Training Pouch or Small Bag
This one is for the humans! When the time comes to go outside with your hound, it can be a challenge to hold them securely while holding treats, poo bags and more. A training pouch or small bag, whether its a bum bag or cross body bag, can be incredibly helpful in navigating these early days and on. Shop here.

A Puppy Pen
If you are bringing your hound into a home with children or another resident pooch, you’ll want to prepare with a puppy pen for easy sectional management. We highly recommend this option.

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