Nosy Rosie: sweet, affectionate and an unintentional comedian

Oct 1, 2020 | Success Stories

If anyone is at high-risk of a ‘foster fail’, it’s a Greyhound Rescue volunteer and Cicely is no exception. Cic took Rosie home as a foster in August 2018. By October, it was clear Rosie wasn’t going anywhere and the adoption was finalised!

Rather than rename her, Cic decided to keep Rosie’s kennel name because “it suited her princess personality and rosie pink skin”.

“She also gets called Rosie Ratbag, Nosy Rosie, Landshark, Princess Rosie,” said Cic.

“Rosie is a total princess. Such a diva. She gives so much sass and will chuck a tanty if she doesn’t get her way. I just laugh at her!

“She is super expressive, which I think her unique colouring enhances, and is not afraid to let you know how she feels. She’s loud, playful, affectionate and definitely not very smart (Sorry Rosie!)”

According to Cic, Rosie is an unintentional comedian, constantly getting herself into weird and ridiculous situations that make everyone laugh.

“She’s really good at doing silly things. She likes to wake me up every morning by licking my ear. I caught her gnawing on a tree once, and my metal bed frame. She’s eaten books and stolen cameras and gotten herself stuck in weird places. She’s very entertaining!”

“We had some challenges when Rosie first came home because she was very anxious and still just a puppy, so we had to learn together not to chew and wee in the house and that walkies and training and men were OK and not things to be nervous about.

“She’s definitely part of the family now. She and her brother Fitzy are great buddies. She’s taught him to be more playful and he’s helped her calm down a bit. Their personalities complement each other so well.

“Everyone in the family loves her too, it’s hard not to love her! Rosie has sooooo much love to give and she is just so sweet and affectionate.

“Greyhound Rescue really goes to the effort of matching hounds to families as well as providing so much support if you need it.

“The people at GR are so lovely and helpful, fostering (then adopting) Rosie was a really nice and smooth experience all round.

“If you’re thinking about adopting a greyhound, doooooo it! They are just the best dogs ever. They’re like no other dog breed, so unique both physically and in personality. Such beautiful personalities and great companions.”

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