Sisters Sarah and Jenny

Sisters Sarah and Jenny, arrived before sisters Rosie and Madeline and deserve just as much publicity.

Like the other two, Sarah and Jenny are small, young and quiet and came from Hawkesbury Pound where they were handed in to meet their fate.

They arrived on a hot day so did not look their best in the photos after a cool spray, but now are looking very good.

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Today: Young Sisters dumped in the Pound

Barely two years old these two beautiful brindle girls were obviously not fast enough for the Racing Industry and were dumped into the Pound.

Rosie, the Red Brindle, and sister Madeline, the dark brindle, are lucky to still be alive as we have too many greyhounds and should not be taking on more. But we made the mistake of looking at their photos and who could say no to two such beautiful girls!!

We hope that they will soon find homes. Look them up in ‘Dogs Available’

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Lots happening… this space!!

So much has happened lately, Buzz and Sarah have gone to foster homes, Rocky, Lovely and Johnny have completed their trials successfully, Sox has gone on trial, Bondy is going on trial, several new arrivals…………..

…………….watch this space!!

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A tribute to Roger

About two years ago Vickie adopted Roger and Tallulah and with her they became two magnificent greyhounds. Sadly we have heard today that at the tender age of five, Roger was riddled with cancer and has now gone ‘Over The Rainbow Bridge’.

In Vickie’s words ‘

As some of you will  know, Roger was a beautiful boy, full of love and life and a great source of happiness for me and many others. He amused us all with his comical poses like his legs in the air when he slept stretched out on his back, and was admired for his handsomeness: his gorgeous blue-black coat, velvety fur, and gorgeous golden eyes.
He was a Mommy’s boy, who followed me around wherever I went. I absolutely fell in love with him (and Tallulah) and in the short 2 years that I had the pleasure of having him, we had a lot of great runs, love, cuddles, and fun.
Tallulah and I miss him dearly, and I am absolutely devastated, as this morning, I still had hope he would get well again and by the afternoon he was gone.
Please keep his spirit alive by remembering him as the happy boy he was in these photos taken last November.
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Senior’s Week

The week comencing 9th January 2012 was the week we celebrated all our senior greyhounds.

Some of these beautiful greyhounds are still in kennels and at their age deserve the comforts of a home.

Can you help, either to foster one of them or better still offer a forever home?

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Magnificent Pablo!!

Isn’t Pablo just the most magnificent greyhound you have seen!!


And yet he was still only on trial with new owner to be, Morgan, when he broke a leg. Many people would have given up at that stage, but not Morgan who has brought Pablo back to full health after a long and costly journey.


Thank you Morgan from Pablo and everyone at Greyhound Rescue.

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End of Year Sale!

The last remaining calendars are available at 30% off.  That is $20 each, including postage and packaging.

For full details see:

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We are back up!!

Apologies to everyone for our website being out of action for a couple of days with a technical problem.


Lots of things have happened in that short time to update. Star has found a new foster carer in Donna and it might even be more permanent than that!! Lady and Jimmy, Audrey, and Rocky have all gone on trial, Buzz has found a new foster carer, adopted greyhounds Sandy and Bear have been 2 of the first 3 greyhounds to be given their ‘green collar’ in NSW………………..keep watching, its all happening.

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Good Saturday!!

Today has been a very good day for Greyhound Rescue.

Thank you to Nora and Ed for all their hard work, holding a very successfull stall at the North Sydney Market, where they raised $400 for Greyhound Rescue.  Rocky, Princess and Audrey were the greys convincing the public what good pets they make and Rocky, as always, was very successful getting donations from the public into his donation coat!!

As if that was not enough Kristie has decided to give Lady and Jimmy a trial as from next weekend and Johnny, who only arrived a week ago, will be going on trial with Vicki just after Xmas. Three greyhounds in one day!!

What a day!! May there be many like it.

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Benzy and Ellie

Another love match, Benzy and Ellie are getting on so well together that they would love to find the same home. Two beautiful shiny, black greyhounds who would be excellent for a working couple or even a family. Check them both out on ‘Dogs Available’.

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