Goofy Grohl

Feb 13, 2024 | Success Stories

A “loving, big ol’ goof ball who just wants to be everybody’s friend,” the beautiful Grohl is living his best life with his new family. Grohl found his forever home last year with Greer, Mitchell, and resident hound Chip, also a fellow Greyhound Rescue Kennel Kid.

When it became clear Grohl wasn’t coping with life at Greysland, he was quickly moved into a foster home. For the next 18 months he learnt about being a pet, setting him up for success when his forever family came along. 

“Grohl is a gentle, sweet boy who has slotted himself in perfectly with our family. He has become great companion to his greyhound brother Chip, who we adopted in 2017 through Greyhound Rescue, and is so loyal and loving towards us,” says Greer. 

“Within about 2 minutes of us bringing Grohl home for the first time, he went straight into our bedroom, and without a thought, jumped on the bed and plonked himself down. There was no chance he wasn’t going to become a lounge dog!” 

Grohl and brother Chip

“Grohl loves to plonk his whole body on your lap and demand pats. If you stop patting, he will repeatedly tap you with his paw. He also likes to roach, and if you’re sitting next to him, you might end up with a paw in your ear or mouth when he tries to demand pats.”

“When we get home from work, he does adorable little tippy tappys, and when he wants some attention, he becomes very chatty with his little woofs.”

It wasn’t always smooth sailing for Grohl, and some negative past experiences made navigating his eye condition, Pannus, a challenge. 

“Grohl has an eye condition called Pannus, which means he is slowly losing his vision,” explains Greer. 

“He has eye drops to help slow it down, however, due to previous bad experiences before his rescue, he became terrified of the drops.”

“Grohl was lucky enough to be placed into foster care with the wonderful Claire and her hound, Buddy, for 13 months before we adopted him. Claire spent so much time working with Grohl, getting him comfortable with his eyes being touched again, and now Grohl can have his drops put in with the help of some BBQ chicken.”

Greer and Mitchell have no regrets bringing Grohl into their home. 

“Greyhounds are probably the most gentle, loving, easy going breeds of dog I’ve ever met. There’s a greyhound to fit into every kind of family and lifestyle,” Greer says.

“The team at Greyhound Rescue are incredible. They put so much love and care into rehabilitating greyhounds and finding them the perfect forever home. They make the process as smooth as possible and provide you with endless support through the adoption process.”

“We are so grateful for them bringing Grohl and Chip into our lives!”

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