6 reasons why your team needs a Corporate Volunteering Experience

Nov 30, 2020 | Lifestyle, News

Corporate Volunteering day at Greyhound Rescue
SavourLife enjoying their Corporate Volunteering Day

Greyhound Rescue offers a valuable and fulfilling Corporate Volunteering experience to groups at our Rescue Centre ‘Greysland’ which is based an easy hour’s drive from the Sydney CBD, a couple of hours cruise up from Canberra, or a mere 45 minutes from the ‘Gong. If your team is overdue for some quality time together outside of the office then we’ve got the goods on why a team-building day at Greysland is the best thing!

A much-needed productivity boost

Corporate Volunteering could be the lift that your team needs, providing a break from the usual workday and a breather to refocus their energy. Give your team the opportunity to unwind and refresh while helping Greyhound Rescue care for our beautiful hounds. It’s a well-known fact that hanging out with dogs boosts your feel-good hormones, eases stress and improves your wellbeing. Spending time with dogs can reduce anxiety and so does spending quality time helping others; this is a win-win with some fun chucked in.

Get to know your team

Greyhound Rescue’s Corporate Volunteering days involve lots of hands on work – you’ll get the chance to walk and groom dogs and do other manual tasks while learning to work with your team in a different setting. It’s a stellar team-building opportunity not only to get to know each other on a personal level, but to identify strengths and skills that you may not see in a typical day at the office. Believe it or not, a Corporate Volunteering experience is the perfect time to spot those with leadership potential and who can think outside the box.

Corporate volunteering dog rescue
Deloitte’s annual Impact Day
Learn a little, or a lot!

Give your team the chance to learn about greyhounds and why it’s so important to advocate for their welfare. As you get to see your team member’s strengths and skills in a completely different setting, it really is a unique opportunity to identify or refine workplace goals- you might even learn a thing or two about yourself. So much to learn and so little time!

Let your brand values shine

Improve your stakeholder’s perception of your company’s values with some feel-good social media about your time at our Rescue Centre and some fun stories to share. A Corporate Volunteering day with Greyhound Rescue is a fabulous way to fulfil your corporate responsibility obligations, and fill up your own bucket by spending time with our excellent pooches.

Share your skills, and your company’s

Greyhound Rescue is an independent charity and we rely on donations and fundraising to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome greyhounds in need. We need all the help that we can get, so have a think about how you and your company can contribute to our mission.

You’ll have a really great time!

It’s a guaranteed great day of fresh air and hanging our with hounds in an idyllic rural setting, out of the office and out of your comfort zone, contributing to a worthy cause. Corporate Volunteering is a feel-good way to give back and contribute to a truly worthy cause. You might even fall in love… with greyhounds, that is!

Why not get in touch today to organise your team’s best day ever!

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