Greyhound Rescue is deeply indebted to Amy Cooper, a journalist with The Sun Herald and also to The Spanton Media Group. As part of a work project, Amy, with the help of David Spanton, raised some funds in the course of their work and Amy decided that Greyhound Rescue should receive a share of the proceeds. As a result we were invited to a Party celebrating the project in the Piano Room at Kings X and duly presented with a cheque for $1000 with a further $130 being raised on the night. Greyhound Patch attended the party with us, enjoyed the high life and being a celebrity, although she declined the cocktails!!

Many thanks to Amy and David from ourselves, but more particularly from the greyhounds that we will now be able to save with this wonderful donation.

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Great News

In the last two weeks 6 greyhounds have found their forever homes and two more have gone on trial.

Joseph and Susie have joined Nick in Canberra, Patch and Socks have joined Peter and Vanessa in Katoomba, Holly has joined Karen in Newtown and Anna has joined Mike and Fiona’s family in Forestville. We wish all these families the best of luck and thank everyone for giving the greyhounds a home.

Roger, ‘The Dag’, and Tallulah are half way through their trial period with Victoria in Pennant Hills and Victoria is ecstatic about her new friends.

It also seems that Athena has found a home even before she got to join us!! It must be a record!!

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Athena has found a home even before she arrived with us!!

Athena is a very pretty 7 year old girl, she was taken to a vet to be euthanised but the vet simply couldn’t do it!  We offered to help find a home for her, if not she will be placed with one of our foster carers in the next week or two.  She is currently living with the vet and we have had glowing reports about her.  Athena is friendly, affectionate, and gets on well with dogs of all sizes.  She is not cat friendly.  She loves to go out and about, will pinch a sausage off the barbeque given the chance, and loves attention from adults and children.  Athena is house-trained, and has become used to the comforts of home. Just look at the photos, we don’t have to tell you how pretty she is!

Athena is:

*  7  years old

*  desexed

*  microchipped

*  vaccinated

*  heartworm tested and injected

*  costs $250

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It is always difficult to single out individuals amongst others who have lent a helping hand, but particular thanks must go to Michael at Forestville for his photography at ‘Bark in the Park’ and also for designing a brochure/handout which is proving to be of great value.

Also many thanks to Maryan of Narrabean who has designed and printed ‘Wanted’ posters to help home the greyhounds. These posters have been eye catching and very professional and no doubt our recent success in homing greyhounds has been partly due to them. Along with Maryan, we must thank Justine and John of Dymocks at Warringah Mall who have helped to promote our cause.

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Did you know that?

Greyhounds are good with children.img_32251


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Roger the Dag


Roger has found his forever home with Victoria and Tallulah. Good luck to Roger and Victoria.

Roger is a dag!!!  Thanks to his comical posing he has amassed a fan club around the nation, with everyone wanting to see him find his forever home.  He truly does seem to have a sense of humour, and you can’t help but laugh at him – he’s getting the nickname of Wodgie the Dagwood Dog!

He’s a really lovely boy – affectionate, responsive, loves a cuddle and loves a sofa to stretch out on!  He will get into the smaller dog beds, but always looks puzzled when his legs are left hanging out.  He is good with other dogs, and has taken a shine to Tallulah the greyhound, who is also looking for a home.  The both love to have a run and a play together. Roger is house-trained and can use a doggy door.  He also walks nicely on a lead.  He would suit a home with older children (over 10).

If you want a dog that will provide you with years of entertainment then our Wodgie is the one for you!  Only warning – don’t leave any food on the kitchen bench!

We hope these photos show his amazing character, and make you laugh!

Roger is:

3 years old (dob Nov 2006)




heartworm tested

costs $250

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter to anyone who is logging in and it has definitely been a Happy Easter for the greyhounds because, after a slow spell, 6 greyhounds have gone on trial at various homes this week end. Holly has gone to Karen in Newtown, Joseph and Susie flew down to Canberra to be with Nick and Patch and Socks have gone to Katoomba with Vanessa and Peter.

Not to mention that a week ago Anna went to Mike and Fiona at Forestville, who have already adopted Jack and Poppie from us!!

So good luck to all the greyhounds and all the families and we hope that many more greyhounds will soon find homes like their lucky friends.

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Rex has found his forever home in Victoria. Rex loves his new home and could not be happier!

 Rex is:

*  2 years old (dob Sep 2007)

*  desexed

*  microchipped

*  vaccinated

*  heartworm tested and injected

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p1100270Red has found his forever home near Melbourne, Vic.

Red is another big Red Fawn, looks very much like Solo doesn’t he? Red is a big softie who is very easy going and laid back.

Red is:

*  nearly 4 years old (dob May 2006)

*  desexed

*  microchipped

*  vaccinated

*  heartworm tested and injected

*  costs $300

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Garage Sale makes $525

It was hard work but thanks to a wonderful effort by all concerned, we raised $525 towards Greyhound Rescue’s funds. Particular thanks must go to Mike, Fiona, Charlotte and Natasha for donating so much of their Barbie collection and being a great help on the day as well. Also thanks to Maureen who donated the proceeds of a ‘walker’ to the total for the day and to Isobel and Linda who also donated items.

It should also be noted that the above mentioned Mike was also responsible for the ‘Bark in the Park’ photos and has since produced an excellent hand out for us. Thanks for all your hard and creative work Mike.

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