Snoopy’s new home

Snoopy went to Lisa and family on the Central Coast a short while ago and Lisa writes:

‘hi, here are some photos of snoopy having fun at the beach. She has setteled in well ,loves the beach, going for walks , playing with the cat and kids. Lisa


Snoopy has well and truly landed on her feet and thank you to Lisa and family for giving her such a wonderful home.

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Good news

Jack has found his forever home with Michael, Fiona and family, dogs and children, so thank you to Michael and Fiona.

Benjamin is also about to join a forever home with Mechelle and family, also dogs and children, so thank you to Mechelle.

And Biddy has gone on a two week trial with Cheryn and family, so good luck to Biddy and Cheryn.

Friday and Saturday 13/14 Nov we will be at the Hawkesbury Show and would love to see you there.

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Petunia’s new home

Marcy, Petunia’s new owner writes:

‘I’m sending you some pictures of Poti (former Petunia) and some words describing our experience so far.

It’s just a joy to get up in the morning or come back from work and find this beautiful girl jumping in excitement to see us. When Poti (former Petunia) wakes up before I do, she comes to my bedroom, give me some sniff and kisses, and patiently lies besides the bed till I get up.

She just loves her walks, and if we go for a ride she gets even more excited. Sometimes I think she prefers to go by car them walking.  She’s so smart, when she hears the noise of the keys she knows it’s time for her walk, and she just comes and put her nose in the muzzle, ready to go.

We pop up at the close by off-leash dog park few times per week, where she’s getting to know the local dogs and learning how to play with them.  She is so beautiful that she attracts all dog lovers, so I’ve been lucky giving away some of your cards and making some propaganda of your work and website.

During the rest of the day, she’s happy lying around or playing with her toys at the backyard. She also loves to play tag (chasey) with us, so we keep running around in our small backyard, just like small kids.

We are all happy and glad to have meet you and been able to enjoy such rewarding experience.

Best regards,

Marcy and Andre.’

Thank you to Marcy and Andre for giving Poti such a wonderful home.


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Buddy has found his forever home with Scott.

Buddy is the smallest boy we have ever received, initially weighing in at just 24.2 kg, not much bigger than a large whippet, but he has since put on a fair bit of weight and is looking in great shape. Buddy is a beautiful boy with lots of energy and he settled in well with the other dogs, both large and small and walks very easily on a lead. He is an affectionate greyhound and would make an ideal family pet. Unfortunately, due to lack of space he is currently in kennels.


Buddy Is:

3 years old. Dob Jan 2007




Heartworm tested and injected

Costs $250

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Angie has been adopted by Colleen and family in Wentworthville so thank you to them and good luck to Angie in her new home.

Angie is the sweetest, softest girl you could imagine, a fawn with a tinge of red. Initially she just wanted to be on her own but she has slowly came round and is now joining in with the others, getting on very easily with everyone, small dogs as well. She walks very easily on the lead, you hardly notice she is there and with such a gentle and affectionate nature, she would make the ideal family pet. Angie just loves being with you and frequently you will turn around and there she is just behind you.p1000513_2

p1000579p1000588_3Angie is:

3 years old (dob Mar 2006)




heartworm tested and injected

costs $250

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Poppy has found her forever home.

Poppy arrived with us just two days ago and at the tender age of 20 months she obviously was too slow to race or did not want to race and from her quiet, laid back nature I would guess the second. Poppy is black and white but with unusual colouring which make her very attractive. She is small, weighing in at only 26kg, and fitted in very easily from the word go with our greyhounds and other small dogs. She walks very easily on the lead and is the ideal greyhound, particularly for a family.p1000479p1000500

Poppy has been:




Heartworm tested and injected

Costs $250

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Marigold’s new home

Hi Peter and Janet

I just wanted to write to you to let you know that Marigold is going very well and seems extremely happy being here. I’ll send you a few photos of her.

We have a fenced off leash dog park near our place where we take her and she is extremely happy playing with other dogs, she’s not as shy as other greyhounds!!

We have also been going to the sand hills almost everyday and after playing in the water and running up and down a few hills she is happy to sleep for the rest of the day!! She has taken over the lounge completely but likes to divide her time between the lounge and the bed too.

Her relationship with our other greyhound Sammy (who is a year old) is perfect (of course) and Sammy has become very dependent on her big sister Marigold, following her around home and copying everything she does! (As you will see in the photo together on the lounge, Sammy is happy to give up being comfortable just to be closer to Mari).

Marigold is very playful when at the dog park or running on the oval but is very happy coming home to lay on the mattress in the sun.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for all the work you do, we are very pleased to see Marigold so happy.

I hope we can adopt another one day!

033055Bernadette and Christian


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‘ I held these dogs with tears in my eyes as they went to sleep’

This week ‘Greyhound’ Trevor went on trial to a new home. Good luck Trevor.

It has been quiet recently in terms of homing greyhounds, but we will need lots of support in the very near future as there are many greyhounds arriving. Not only are we receiving many greyhounds but there are so many available that all the rescue groups together could not cope with the regular influx. In fact many more greyhounds do not make it to the rescue groups, as shown by this very sad and moving email that we received last week:


My name is Elle and I am 21 years of age. I am a veterinary nurse and on Monday worked in a clinic that had a high volume of Greyhound patients. This is through trainers and owners, and the veterinarian does a lot of ‘implants’ for Greyhound breeding.
I was disgusted at what went on there. This is not against the clinic but rather the entire industry. We had ‘trainers’ and owners literally dropping these dogs off (one owner dropped off a group of 5) to be euthanased because they did not run fast enough. These AMAZING and beautiful Greyhounds were only on average 1 and a half years old.
This needs to stop. I know that Greyhounds are left in terrible conditions and that euthanasing them is considered the ‘humane’ option (yes it is painless) but it is SO wrong and unjustified for their lives to be lost to an industry that SHOULD NOT EXIST.
I was wondering if you knew how I could have my voice be heard? I am in no way claiming I know anything about the industry, rather I am a vet nurse who held these dogs with tears in my eyes as they went to sleep.
These incredible dogs are being lost every day, if only more people knew about it before they place their bet that would inevitably support their deaths.
Thank you so much for your time,
Did you shed a tear when you read this email? I did and if you have the heart and a spare place in your home to save one of these beautiful creatures that do make it through to us, please contact us so that we will have room to save another one.
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Foster Carers Cartoon


A big thank you to Danielle for allowing us to use this cartoon. Danielle can be found at

If you would like to help the poor greyhound in chains, please contact us at

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News update

Things have been ticking over recently. Both Snoopy and Marigold have successfully completed their trial periods and found their forever home. Benjamin is now being fostered by Mechelle who also has Biddy. Mechelle lives just south of Liverpool, so her two greyhounds would be good ones to look at for anyone living in that region. Jessica has also started helping us a lot and she lives near Liverpool, so there are people out that way to contact if you want some help.

Jack, our latest arrival, is a tall, handsome Red Fawn, who was desexed on Tuesday. Jack is very laid back and easy going and would make a nice pair with Meggie, also a Red Fawn, for someone looking for two greyhounds. Fiona and Michael fostered Roger for a while, see their comments on Roger’s profile, but are now going on holiday, so he is back home with us and I never cease to be amazed what a beautiful boy Roger is, quiet, easy going, gets on well with all the dogs, also children. He has a thick coat which is an unusual dark blue, he is just coming up for 3 years old, but still has the puppy playfullness in him. He will make a wonderful family pet.

Continuing the story of Remy, the ten year old who found a home in Jindabyne with Lois, just look at him enjoying the experience of snow!! How many greyhounds have done that in their lives, let alone at a grand old age.

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