Willoughby on holiday

Beautiful blue Willoughby is a lucky greyhound who goes on holiday down the coast. He is pictured here having a quick dip and playing with his friend Thandy on the beach.

So having a greyhound does not stop you going on holidays, they love the break as much as you do!

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Poor Freckles,should I have left her to die?(Now Homed)

A few days ago I had to visit the Pound and saw this beautiful girl called Freckles there. She was due to be euthanaised the following morning.

We already have too many greyhounds on our books looking for homes and had said we could not take any more. So should I have left this little girl to be euthanaised, just another to be added to the statistics?

The head said yes, but then having looked into those beautiful eyes I could not do it and the heart said no.

So she came on with me, not home as we have too many greyhounds and not enough forever or foster homes. She will be in kennels until someone comes to offer her a place, but at least she is still alive.

Freckles is just two years old, mostly white with blue brindle patches.

The good news is that today Freckles went on trial with Erina and seemed to immediately settle into her new home. Thank you Erina for giving Freckles a new life.

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Dog Day Out and Sausage Sizzle!

Our double header week end was a great success. At the Dogs Day Out lots of people met the beautiful greyhounds who were their usual laid back, gentle selves and everyone had a good time, with the rain holding off until we had finished! Thank you to everyone who brought their greyhounds along and helped made the day a big success.

Gale from Terry Hills was the lucky winner of our raffle.

The Sausage Sizzle must have been an enjoyable day as all the workers look so happy, even after all that hard work!! A big thank you to everyone who answered the call at short notice and worked so hard to raise some much needed funds for Greyhound rescue.

Thank you also to Bunnings for giving us the chance to raise the funds.

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Foster homes desperately needed

We have several greyhounds in kennels at the moment, which is not good for the greyhounds as they do not learn about living in a house and home and at the same time it is hurting us badly financially.

If anyone could help us out with fostering a greyhound, we would be most grateful and so would the greyhounds who are in kennels. We have a complete range of ages, the oldest being 8 years old, and the youngest just 19 months.

Fostering is a good way to get to know that greyhounds have such a beautiful and affectionate nature.

All our rescue greyhounds are – desexed, C5 vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested and treated, intestinal wormed and flea treated.

Greyhounds do not need a big backyard to run around in, an outside toilet area is sufficient. Most greyhounds are perfectly happy with one – two good walks a day. They can be huge couch potatoes!

All our rescue greyhounds can live happily with other dogs, large or small breeds. 24 hour a day ongoing advice and support is provided for all foster carers. Beds/bedding can also be provided if needed for foster carers.

We do ask that all of our rescue greyhounds are to be inside dogs when you are at home and at night.

Please consider helping these wonderful and deserving dogs.

If you can help and live in NSW, please call us on 02 9453 0602 or 0412 562 104 or email peter@greyhoundrescue.com.au

If you live in VIC contact Kayleigh on 0424569148 or email kaymaher85@aol.com

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A Tribute to Princess

Today, with tears in our eyes, we said goodbye to Princess.

Princess was a very special greyhound, the first to come into our lives in Australia, early in 2005.

She had served her time with the racing world and with her last litter of pups, when something went wrong, she had to be desexed. Having fed the pups she was no longer of use and so she came to us.

Princess was the ultimate soft, sweet, gentle, affectionate greyhound.

Princess was the one we took to Shows and Carnivals, she was the face of greyhounds needing homes and we know she helped many of her fellow greyhounds find homes.

Today she has joined George(in the picture) in Doggy Heaven.

Rest in Peace Princess.

Peter and Janet

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Garage Sale 26/27 February

Thank you to those who came along to help and everyone who supported by buying items or donating. We made $300 for Greyhound Rescue.

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Vet bills…can anyone help please?

We have been hit recently with some very heavy vet bills of over $2000 and this is partly due to the fact that we do not discriminate in the greyhounds that we take on.

Amy, 10 years old. Teeth and desexing.

Harry, only young but no testicles descended. Desexing.

Solo, 5 years old. Teeth and burst ear drums.

Etc etc

If anyone can help with these bills, we would be very grateful. Donations can receive a tax deductible receipt and can be made straight to our bank account, ‘Greyhound Rescue Inc’, BSB 012289, account number 5247 92379 or via Paypal through the website.

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Garage Sale proceeds

Marianne and Ann very kindly raised $331 from the garage sale for Greyhound Rescue, which was a marvellous effort and we greatly appreciate all the hard work that they put into it. Thank you Ann and Marianne, the proceeds will help us continue to help the greyhounds. Also our thanks to those of you who were able to attend the garage sale, bought items or donated, we are very grateful to you for your support.

If you missed the garage sale or were unable to attend and would still like to help, you can donate, either through the website (see ‘How can you help’ at the top of the home page) or directly into our bank account, Greyhound Rescue Inc, BSB 012289, account no. 5247 92379

Thank you for your support, particularly to Marianne and Ann but also to all of you who attended or donated on the day.

Peter and Janet

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This is better than Kennels!!

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Happy New Year

We wish everyone a Happy New Year, those who have adopted from us, those who have fostered for us, those who have helped us, those who have donated, everyone who has looked at our website or shown an interest in the beautiful greyhounds and those who are yet to be converted. We hope that 2011 will be a good year for you.

2010 was a good year for Greyhound Rescue, during which time we found homes for 46 unwanted greyhounds and helped numerous others. You can see some of their stories by going to the ‘Success Stories’ section on the website.

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