6 year old male
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Olympus here, ready for all your Greek god needs. Ok, so here’s the thing. *glances around nervously* greyhounds aren’t usually known for their smarts. Big hearts? Absowoofly! Big butts? Yes! Big brains? Eh, not so much. So, I am actually unique for a greyhound in that I am legit a genius. Like, I would have had that maths problem in Good Will Hunting solved before Matt Damon even made it to the chalkboard. Awesome right? A very very clever boi to make his pawrents proud? Yes! Buuuuuuut, being as smart as me does have a teeny tiny downside in that I do have the tendency to get a BIT BORED. And apparently bored hounds can “display some behaviour that humans may find sub-optimal”. That’s human speak for “might eat your house”. SO. What I need is a fairly smart, very tolerant, experienced and easily trained human who will give me a job! Need someone to help you cure cancer? How about a pal to work with you busting international crime syndicates?

I need to be part of a team with a human who knows how to work with dogs with high drive and a willingness to learn, who need to be busy and learning at all times! Let’s work together to learn some new skills and tricks, ok? Have you heard of noseworks? That and other sports are high on the list! And I’d really benefit from having a backyard to burn off some energy!

I’m not hugely into other dogs, however I’m making good progress with medium to large dogs. I’m still a work in progress myself, after all.

Oh, one more thing. Thunderstorms and big bangs are super scary and I will need my human to provide appropriate comfort and pref not be a truck driver. Tyvm.

If you think you'd be interested in meeting me, fill out an application form and the volunteers at Greyhound Rescue will get on the case. Our matchmakers go to greyt lengths to match each hound with the right family to make sure everyone's happy, and you'll become part of a wonderful rescue community with lots of support along the way. Get in touch to find out more!

PS - want a free bag of food if you adopt me? Just enquire via my SavourLife Profile. For every finalised adoption through the page, SavourLife will give Greyhound Rescue a donation and you a free bag of food!

Gender: Male
Age: 6 years 9 months
DOB: 29/09/2017
Microchip number: 956000009565093
Location: Greysland
Desexed: Yes
Good with other dogs: No
Good with children: No
Good with cats: No

Greyhound Rescue's adoption fee is $495. All our hounds are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated, and heartworm tested and treated.

The adoption fee also includes our New Adopter Kit - collar, leash, muzzle and loads of other goodies to help you get your new hound settled into the family.

Rehoming organisation number: R251000042